Better Villagers Idea

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Better Villagers Idea

What I said here on this page is a great Idea I came up with…

-wild dogs and villager dogs live in villages, you can tame them wild ones, but not the tamed villager dogs. They both act like wolves. The villager dogs would follow a villager around and protect them. Any villager can go to a wild dog and tame them. You as a player can breed any dog and you get a puppy. That will follow you around. Permission granted from a breeder villager. There are two types of kindly villagers who love animals, and two types that don't. And one type that run the kindly villagers offices and one that does not.

Good place: Animal adoption shelter, is where villagers can adopt guard dogs and pets. The villager that over sees that place is kind and gentle. You can often see her assistant go and fetch wild dogs that spawn in the village and out side the village to bring to the adoption center.. The assistant has five dogs that follow them that stay right beside them all the time that protect them. 

-the Mutant society is spawned in every five to six villages, there a bad place: the pound and the lab. is an underground facility that makes mutant animals, and monsters. The mad scientists (yes, there is more than one, each a different level of difficulty) takes animals that don't get adopted, and makes them mutants that are part of his mutant animals and monsters. The place looks exactly like the  Animal Adoption Center, exactly like it. But has the underground lab and two villagers that works for the mad scientists. 

-good place: breeder villager breeds tamed cats, birds, dogs and sells them to villagers as pets or guard dogs.

-bad place: breeder that works for the Mutant Society, they breed mutants at an abandoned castle, they spawn like pilagers out posts do. 

-bad place:  (like a pillager mansion.) It is the main place where bad scientists keep there most prized evil mutants. They're is only one spawn per world, and per nether and end portal world. They curupted and bred the baby enderdragon with a enderman. And they curupted the nether with some of there mutants. (You cannot reverse all the mutants, just some. The most loyal of the mutants are the most week and have been the longest mutated beasts, so they are totally corrupt. But they're is a chance to save there babies. Any beast that is mutated and a baby, will be an entirely new creature when they are saved from the mutant process. Some though, will not be able to be saved. Once the babies are full grown, they stay evil and do as the scientist says)


-Good place: Adoption Academy a place full of good villagers that take care of animals, and are trying to reverse the changes of the mutants, these are where all the main sources of reverse spells are kept. Some are distributed throughout villages to keep the mutants at bay. The spell casters are good wizards and witches who have learned the arts of good magic, and are trying to reverse the evil science of the mad scientists. 


Did I mention that you can reverse the mutants to the correct animal or creature they are? Unless two mutants have had babies. The babies can only be saved at their young age, but when they grow up. They become totally evil and curupted.