[tutorial] Connect structures to the ground like in some vanila structures

Started by tombkingsts on Wed, 03/01/2023 - 18:56

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[tutorial] Connect structures to the ground like in some vanila structures
Wed, 03/01/2023 - 19:05 (edited)

This is a tutorial to make the blocks under a structure like the woodland mansion and old village buildings in the way I made it for my mod permafrost biome.


The  procedure:


The second procedure block is there to remove the block that generates this procedure and replaces it with a block of choice (in this case packed ice). The local variable "position" is a number local variable.

You can change things to you're liking with which block it creates (in this case packed ice) also in this case it only replaces nonsolid blocks but there might be other blocks you want to check like snow layers won't be replaced with this version of the procedure.


The structure spawning :

This procedure won't be all tough because you can't use this procedure "on structure generated". I fixed this to spawn the structure with a block that has a self made gravity block(so you can turn the gravity off during development) above it. The block can then spawn the structure using a procedure. You can then use the procedure to spawn blocks underneath on all needed positions, or like I did put the procedure to spawn the blocks underneath the structure in a block with the trigger "when block added" and then put it on the positions where I want it in the structure.


Some examples of the result:



And an example of how it happens in Minecraft.

example of wat should happen



I hope I was clear if there are questions you can always ask.


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