Installation: Windows

Step 1

Download the latest MCreator version of MCreator for Windows. If possible, use installer instead of the archive as the installer will make sure to install MCreator on the proper location and will add uninstaller entry, so you can easily uninstall MCreator at any time.

When the download is complete, click on the installer download icon to open it. You might get a warning like this:

Windows warning

This is because MCreator's installer is not signed. Click on More info. The window will show a new Run anyway button. If you downloaded MCreator from the official website ( you are safe to click Run anyway and install MCreator on your computer.

NOTE: You can install MCreator anywhere, but make sure that there are only numbers, English alphabet characters, characters .,-_ and whitespaces in the name of the file path. Other characters from other languages might cause unpredictable errors and problems so avoid using them!

Step 2

Go to the C:/Pylo/MCreator### (where ### is the latest version number of MCreator) and run MCreator.exe. You might need to run it as administrator if the setup gets stuck. In such case, remove MCreator, reinstall it and open with admin rights (right click - > Run as admin).


Step 3

When MCreator first needs internet access, you might be asked to set the firewall to allow java.exe to access the internet.


Setup gets stuck or ends with errors

If the setup gets stuck or gives you errors, there are many reasons for this. But in 95% of the cases, this is caused by one of these so rule out these first (for testing you might just want to disable them):

  • Antivirus (Avast is known to do this) blocking MCreator from reading and writing files
  • Antivirus or firewall blocking internet access of MCreator
  • VPNs or Proxies interfering with MCreator's internet connection

If this does not fix the issue, check our Knowledge base for more info.

High DPI screens

If you have problems with High DPI screens, you can override high DPI scaling behavior and set it to System option. To do so, right-click on MCreator.exe, open Compatibility tab and select options highlighted in the red square.



If you are looking for installation instructions for older releases, check MCreator's Wiki for the legacy installation procedure