Germz's Mo' Useful Items Mod - V1.0.8, More Christmasy Update!

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Germz's Mo' Useful Items Mod V1.0.7 for Minecraft 1.7.10

Hello everyone! I am Germz, a new MCreator modder!

I know, there are a plenty (maybe like 80+) mods that create "Craft the Uncraftables", "Rotten Flesh into leather" etc. are already existing, but have you ever heard of some cool things like....


Features (1.0.7 ONLY):


Gunpowder is no longer a useless thing without TNT and fireworks. From now on, find a new ore called Gunpowder Ore can get you a gunpowder! You can also craft weapons with gunpowder!

You use Gunpowder Ingot (smelt gunpowder with fuel) to create all the tools!



A new thing is add into Minecraft (with this mod, of course), called Chain Dust. You use it and possibly 3 iron to create a full chain set! You get a lava bucket and an iron to get it (craft, not smelt!)



A new biome (also a new dimension) are add into this mod! The Green Ring Dimension and the Green Plains!

You use a Green Ring Dimension Lighter (how to craft it? why don't you find out yourself?) to light up the dimension made of block of green(Seriously, if you cannot get the recipe, use CraftGuide). It may cause lag to some computer, but it is fun!

Also adds a thing called Photosynthesis, you can create apple using this. You smelt an OAK LEAVE to get this. More usage will be add in soon.



You can find this ore in any biomes (except for nether). Necromanium can create Necromanium Porkchop (you can eat it, and you can also craft pig spawn egg using this) and mob eggs. (currently 2-3 types of mob)



Rarest ore to find! This is now currently can craft a Palladium Sword with Harden Gold Gem and Palladium. The sword took 32 damage. You can also use Redstone Blocks and Bedrocks(craftable now) to make this ore.



Second rare ore to find in this mod. This can create sword, axe, pickaxe, shovel and a hoe. The sword take about 18-24 damage (Sorry i forgot) each hit. I decide to add this because this ore will be soon an important ingrediant for this mod - You can upgrade your stuff with this!



Emerald Set! And that's all it.... Little bit harder than diamond set.



Now we have Harden Gold Gem! Use them to create Palladium and Mercury stuffs! Also can create armor using this! Soon can upgrade gold armor. (harden gold gem armor crafted using a gem and a piece of armor)



Stone Set. Weaker than Gold set.



Dirt Set. Really did not that much...



WIP, will be done at 1.0.8



1. Mob Eggs (2-3 types)

2. Horse Armor

3. Saddle

4. Chainmail Set

5. Bedrock



1. Rotten Flesh -> Leather


Update Log

V1.0.8 - Jan.1st 2015 Updated

-Remove Christmas Set

-Added Christmas Steve

-Added Christmas Dimension

-Added Rabbit

-Added Rabbit Hide

-Added Rabbit Foot

-Added Potion Of Leaping

-Added Pearl Ore/Pearl

-Added Green&Red Christmas Block

-Added Christmas Wand for creating the portal

-Leather now can ALSO made using 9 rabbit hides


V1.0.7 - Dec.20th 2014 Updated/Released

-Public Released Mod

-Mod include please read Features.




Mod Info:

Mod Created by - Germz37_

How Long to finish my mod - About 45 Hours in 6 Days(Including using photoshop to colour and fixing bugs)

Inspired by - All the uncraftable mods.

Latest Version - 1.0.8

Minecraft Version - 1.7.10 (still, obviously..)



1. Christmas Set

Please leave a comment if you find any bugs! Thank you!


Alternative Download Links:



Letters from Author:

Please leave a comment for other more things you want in this mod! If you also want me to put older version of this mod on here, leave a comment! Also leave a comment for bugs! Thank you :)

Also I am VERY WELCOME if any of you made a mod showcase of my mod!


About Modpacks:

Sure you can! As long as you give me credits!








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