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this is my first mod

what this mod does is allow you to go into the wasteland once in there its always night dark no grass but there is ways of surviving

it also adds a boime called wastes it is almost like the wasteland

i have added a bear that will attack you and any animal it can see it will aslo kill the lone surrvivors

the survivors spawn less but hunt  for pigs sheep and cows but will flee when in contact with a bear or mutant

the mutants are distorted survivors that have gone completly insane and in resault turned into this crazy creature

we have barbwire it can hurt anything that walks into it

theres 2 block gives that give you blocks in exchange for health

theres alot of resipies that wont make sence if you need to know how to craft somthing

please install one of the following mods


-too many items

-crafting resipies book

this will not be updated because Mcreator deleted my progress sorry.

hanyway have fun!


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wastelands.zip.zipUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:16   File size: 170.29 KB

pro tip: dont intsall mods that spawn more mobs because you will be REKT like i was
time survived: 2 minutes