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This is a mod that adds several blocks and features from minecraft 1.21
For now it is not very developed (due to lack of enough time) but I will try to make this mod all over 1.21 in the future 
But why this mod when in 2 days there will be a snapshot with all the stuff? And why should it be developed after the release of perwsze snapshot? 
Well, as some people know this Thursday a big mod is going to be released (Alex's Caves) Unfortunately, however, on 1.20.1 so it won't be playable on snapshot. Therefore, this mod is being created

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1.21UpdateMod.zipUploaded on: 10/16/2023 - 13:21   File size: 240.63 KB

[UPDATE] Later today there should be a long-awaited mod update with crafter and fixes (also new blocks a few and structure generation)