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Its been a while since I released a mod here, how about we do it again :>

Blocks You Need is a modular series of Block-packs inspired by the likes of the Chisel mod of old, with a more focused theme-driven idea.

These blocks are survival ready, recipes have been added to every block you see here.


This is the "Industra - Laborata" module!

Featuring blocks perfect for victorian-era factories, steampunk devices & new-age sterile laboratories.


Each mod in the series starts out with a few blocks, very minor additions to world-generation, and slowly builds up with each version to add more variety to it. Most blocks are functioned on decor, and for making your factories, dockyards, railyards, steam ship drydocks?, and labs feel more vibrant and alive.


Currently features:

Industrial/Steampunk Blocks

Scorched Stone and variants

Wrought & Pig Iron (Blasting Recipe)

Deep (set) Bricks

Soot & Soot Accessories

Iron & Wrought Iron Factory-Floor Blocks

Corrugated Sheetmetals (Iron, Wrought, Scrap)


Wrought Iron Windows

Wrought Iron Plate

Copper, Brass, Bronze & Wrought Iron Pipes

Reinforced Crate & Metallic Crates

Hazard/Cautionary Wrapped Blocks

Ropes & Cables

Mesh & Mesh Sheet


Laboratory Blocks

Labrat Panels & Antipanels (inspired by the Portal series)

Functional Labrat Indicator Panels & Antipanels

Anti-blocks (inspired by Antichamber) & the metal one should not touch


More will be added with each update!

If you have ideas for blocks you'd like to see, or blocks needing to be tweaked, ask away! (just not for Connected Textures support, im not able to do that)


If you find bugs!

State what you found them on, be it as small as an incorrect name or broken recipe, or as big as "my game has stopped working", so long as you provide a good explanation of what it is, I can find the bugs and exterminate em.


Modification files
blocksyouneed_luna-1.4.3_0.jar - Blocks You Need - v1.4.3Uploaded on: 11/18/2023 - 03:06   File size: 6.83 MB
blocksyouneed-v1.4.jar - [Old Version] Blocks You Need - v1.4Uploaded on: 11/11/2023 - 15:42   File size: 6.82 MB
blocksyouneed-v1.3.jar - [Old Version] Blocks You Need - v1.3Uploaded on: 11/09/2023 - 20:47   File size: 5.4 MB



+ Bloomery

+ Steel Ingots

+ Steel Blocks

+ Steel Pipes

+ Coal Chunks

+ Slag

+ Ornate Bricks

+ Tar Fluid

+ Ability to "dry" tar with Blue Ice

+ Unique Death Messages for Brambles & Tar

+ Bloomery Recipes

+ Brass (3 Copper, 1 Zinc),

+ Bronze (3 Copper, 1 Tin),

+ Steel (3 Coal Chunks, 1 Iron),

+ Netherite (3 Scrap, 1 Gold)

+ Exposed, Weathered, & Oxidised copper blocks

+ Exposed, Weathered, & Oxidised copper pipes

+ Waxed Copper Blocks

+ Ability to wax & unwax copper blocks in world

+ Recipes to wax copper blocks

+ 2 new Wrought Iron Windows

+ Wrought Iron Window Blocks

+ Brass & Bronze Blocks

+ Storage_Blocks forge tags

+ Illumina Blocks



~ recipe for beams & cables have been switched to steel instead of iron & wrought iron

~ tar lake feature made slightly rarer, but can now generate in groups

~ tar lake feature now uses tar liquid with asphalt as its surround

~ Removed crafting recipes for original wrought iron window variants (they are only made in stonecutter now)


~ Slight texture tweak for ALL Brass Blocks
~ Retextured ALL Bronze & Wrought Iron blocks
~ Retextured Meteoric Iron Block
~ Retextured Bronze, Wrought Iron, Pig Iron & Meteoric Iron Ingots
~ Fixed Light Gray & Green Caution Wrap recipes to reflect new texture
~ Reworked Plexiglass texture
~ Retextured the Metal Beams
~ Retextured the Factory Blocks
~ Changes to Labrat Panel Recipes (Now uses Moonstone instead of Shale)


+ ability to strip Slime Achoria for Slimeballs & Achoria (use axe)
+ Rockwool + 16 Dyed Variants, flame resistant wool
+ Iron, Wrought Iron, Pig Iron, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum & Silver Wools
+ Moonstone (Building Block & Variations)
+ Sunstone (Building Block & Variations)

v1.2.2 + v1.2.1

Additions: (1.2.2)
+ Mod Integrations (Planks Stack, Banded Planks Stack, Elegant Planks, Wood Panels)
+--Deeper & Darker
+--Blue Skies
+--Twilight Forest
+--The Undergarden
+--Biome Backlog


Changes (1.2.1)

~ Changed recipe for Rope & Cable Catches to make them slightly cheaper


Additions (1.2.1)

+ forge:stone/??? tags for all the generated stones in the mod

+ forge:ores/aquatrine tags for the 2 aquatrine ores

+ Missing Recipe for Rope & Cable Ties has been resolved



~ Fixed Soot not being able to be broken by hand
~ Fixed Regalith, Sodalite & many other blocks that were not dropping when mined.
~ Fixed broken Photovolt panel recipes.

~ Fixed incorrect sounds for many blocks including the metal coils
~ Green & Light Gray caution wrap have been updated with a new texture

~ All Brass-based blocks have been updated with a new texture (Boilerplate, foil, coil, pipes, etc)

~ Aquatrine textures have been revamped

~ Photovolt panels now have a much nicer texture, and produce more FE/t
~ Scorched Blastmetal Barrier has a much more elaborate texture.

~ Recipe for Blastmetal was changed

~ Increased generation-rate of Aquatrine

~ Sodalite now generates in more biomes, all water-based biomes, and snow biomes instead of just specific few

~ Sterile & Starry Polyblocks have received a brand new texture



+ New sodalite blocks & sodalite mend

+ Corrugated Mend Sheets

+ Andesite, Granite & Diorite block variations

+ Sandstone & Red Sandstone block variations

+ Achoria and 10 new blocks based from it

+ Red Cracked Nether Brick, Cracked Nether Brick fences, stairs, etc
+ Warped Nether Brick

+ Wood Block Panels

+ Calcite blocks

+ Dripstone blocks

+ Entrapped Glass (recipe not ready in this version)

+ Ornate & Smooth Sodalite

+ Cracked & Patchwork Bricks

+ 400+ recipes to make all of these blocks survival ready

v1.1 skipped - is on curseforge



1.0 Release due to adding all blocks I had intended to add, making the mod "feature complete". Expect minor additions & updates going forward.



* Wall Blocks now correctly tagged & will connect to one another

* Recipe tweaks

* Minor Texture Tweaks to Ropes & a few other blocks



+ Antimetal Block + Its unpredictable placement feature

+ Hedge Brambles

+ Iron & Wrought Iron I-Beam Blocks (Beams)

+ Fibreglass

+ Insulation Block & Insulated Blocks

+ Wood Plank Stacks & Banded Plank Stacks

+ Elegant Wood Planks

+ Coke & Tar

+ Coke Blocks & Bricks

+ Creosote & Treated Wood, with whole set of wooded blocks.

+ Chipped, Damaged & Exposed Labrat Panels (Strip with Axe)

+ Boilerplate Blocks of Iron, Wrought Iron, Copper, Bronze & Brass

+ Crossform Blocks

+ HVAC Blocks, Ventilation Shafts, Access Vents, a variety of Passage Blocks & HVAC Fan Blocks












* Bent Pipes have eased placement (they will always face towards you)

* Pipes can now be waterlogged

* Minor Texture Tweaks

* Removed Unused Textures
* Tweaked Factory Block tag

* Lots of crafting recipes


+ Stairs, Slabs & Walls for all blocks it made sense (theres no blockcarpentry mod for this version, you're welcome)

+ Walls for Corrugated Sheet Metals

+ Caution Wrap Blocks, 16 variants for each dye colour, times 3 for Plain, Polished & Etched variations.

+ Ropes, Cables, Catches & Ties

+ Open & Passage Barrels (Strip an Open Barrel)

+ "Stuffs" Barrels (Apples, Beetroots, Carrots, Chorus, Glowstone, Gunpowder, Potatoes, Redstone, Rotten Flesh, Sugar Cane, Sugar)

+ Reinforced Crate & Metal Crates (Act like Silent Barrels)

+ Mesh & Mesh Sheets

+ Pipe Ends, & Side-Bent Pipes

+ Shale alternative Recipe

+ Shale pockets

+ Asphalt + Dried Tar Lakes + Crude Bitumen