Mineral Mod

Submitted by V_Like on Fri, 06/28/2019 - 08:43
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In minecraft, there are not enough mineral ores and materials. Yes, hundreds of mod-developers had already used this for the "new-idea mods". But this time it`s different.
The Mineral Mod includes (for the moment) some Jade, Agate and Obsidian stuff, making the game brighter by using difficult pretty-looking colours depending on the mineral you use. Agate tools also have some particles (a little Easter-egg for the future update).
And there is a something new: mineral water. For now, it is only in one variant, but water types will be expanded soon. A mineral salt is a good healthy way to recover.

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development

28.06.19 - 0.1.0 (first public vers.)
- Jade
- Jade Tools and Armor
- Jade Block and Ore
- Agate
- Agate Tools and armor
- Agate Ore
- Mineral salt + ore
- Mineral Water (instant health benefit when use it)

It seems a nice mod. Could you add some screenshots showing the features?

Thanks for the feedback! I`m still working of it, but there aren`t many features to show for now, so there is only one representation pic. Soon there will be more.
All the best!

Thank you! I'm looking forward to add much more things with much more textures, so the mod is going to be something global and (I hope) beautiful. See you soon with the new version! =)

Really Like The Jade Textures! (LOVE THE ARMOR)
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I'm very grateful for your comment! Textures are what I was working at for a really long time, so now at least my painter skills won`t be wasted. xD
Mod is in the development, stay tuned to see more interesting textures (I hope they can be cool too)! Have a nice day!