Tomato Mod!

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Tomato Mod

This mod adds everything tomato! Even a living, breathing one (man they are cute!!!). It adds a whole new biome (Tomato Forest) and a new wood type: Tomato Wood.

New Item: Golden Tomato

The Golden Tomato is better than a Golden Apple and is crafted by surrounding a tomato with 7 gold ingots and one diamond at the top!

New weapon: Tomato Sword

The tomato sword is crafted with a stick, a single tomato and tomato wood(crafted by putting 4 tomato stems into the crafting table). It has no attack cool down, perfect for 1.8 combat lovers!

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Requires Geckolib

Modification files
Tomato Mod 1.19.4 V2.jarUploaded on: 10/23/2023 - 18:07   File size: 119.97 KB

Fixed extreme cod spawning in Tomato Forest biome

Update coming this Friday!
Next month I'll add a possible new feature and/food type. Make sure to look out for my next mod: Armor+ which is coming soon!