sweet pepper and biib

Published by Jolneko on Tue, 11/05/2019 - 17:11
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This is my first try doing this mod, it implement the sweet pepper plant,and some food that you can create by the sweet pepper as:

  • cooked sweet pepper
  • cut sweet pepper (that are used to make the other recipes)
  • Peperonata
  • sweet pepper drink

and a creature called biib that can be eaten ,it's like a pink chicken without head.

biib recipies:

  • cooked biib meat
  •  sweetbiib(with also sweet pepper)

I added also the muffin recipe that have to be done with flour(another recipie).

I'm still workin on it ,hope you like it.

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Thanks you, as you can see now it is quite simple,but that compliment mean a lot to me. It make me want to still working on it.