Published by Fox_trot on Sun, 09/29/2019 - 08:52
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Welcome to the Oxenfox mod!

As of right now this mod only adds a small number of additions into Minecraft, however it will in future add dimensions and other cool explorative elements!

So what does it add in?

  • Swamp Berries
  • Sinking Sand
  • Gold Ore in the Nether
  • And finally... BEDROLLS!

Let's go through each item one by one:

Swamp berries:

  • These blue coloured berries can be located in the swamp biome, they don't do much now other than are edible but will have a more extravagant use in the future.
  • The swamp berry bush comes in growable stages that grow as time goes on.
  • These stages can be advanced with bonemeal, just hold right click and it will continuously grow, drop berries and regrow once more.
  • Using the swamp berry you can also plant the first stage of the berry bush just by right-clicking on grass.
  • Watch out when you eat however as you may be affected by nausea and blindness.

Sinking sand:

  • Sinking sand has a marvelous effect where it slows you down immensely when walked into.
  • This block will naturally spawn in the desert so watch out where you walk!
  • Don't be too worried, the block will not suffocate. Be wary this might change in the future.

Gold ore in the Nether:

  • Finally an explanation as to where zombie pigmen got all that gold!
  • This gold ore will naturally generate in the Nether, there's not much else I can say... ...moving on:


  • Ahh what we have all been waiting for!
  • These bedrolls come in  16 colour variants, they are crafted using two wool of the same colour and one piece of leather,
  • You can also craft different colours through a white bedroll and dye.
  • The bedroll will act as a takeaway bed, it will let you sleep however it will not set your spawnpoint.
  • Furthermore, the bedroll has durability and can be used only fives times in which you will have to make another one.
  • To activate it, when it is thundering or night time just right click with the item in hand on a block.

So there it is. Version 0.1, more elements will be added in the near future.

Stay tuned, Foxtrot.

Modification files


  • Swamp berries
  • Sinking sand
  • Gold ore in Nether
  • Bedrolls

I find it interesting that you used 1.14 textures and the mod is for 1.12.