Buckets o' loot

Submitted by sssssh on Tue, 09/25/2018 - 01:40
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Please note: the Curse forge page can be found here: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/buckets-o-loot

What is Buckets o' loot?

Buckets o' loot is a mod that introduces buckets full of lovely looty treats! At the moment of writing this there is a basic loot bucket and three weapon loot buckets.

What is the loot?

So far in the basic loot bucket there is:

- magma block

- beacon

- dirt

- golden apple

- ores

- seeds

- build a snowman kit

- cake

- bed

- hoppers

What is in all that weapon loot buckets are: 

- Long wooden sword

- Gilded broad sword

- Wide stone sword

- Shiny stone sword

- Large stone dagger

- Mossy wooden sword

- Gold covered wooden sword

- Broken wooden sword

- Blue axe

- Extra large diamond sword

- Nether sword

- Double diamond sword

- Long iron sword

- Plump iron sword

- Large diamond sword

- Empty sword

- Blue zebra

- Taser

- Master blade

- Mince meat

- Leather binder

- Grassy pastures

- Dissector

- Fly swat 

- Ice blade

- Lunar sword

Soon to be added:

Food loot bucket

Tool loot bucket

Cobblestone loot bucket (Gives stacks of sand, gravel or cobblestone)


Special thanks:

Thanks to Mcreator, your code console is amazing and very useful.

Thanks to the youtuber Iskall85 for providing me with the inspiration for this mod.

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