Rusted Mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod Adds Rusted Ingots and peices, Make it out of iron ingots, Or ore. It also adds a new biome called TheEntrance, to what? it will release soon, This is still in alpha, So it will be buggy. and TheEntity, or A Mess, or CreeperV2 Will might not spawn. it is kind of still in dev mode, Im the only one working on this mod. If anyone wants an idea for a biome/dimension, You are welcome.

Modification files
Rusted - Rusted V1.1105.23 KB - Rusted 1.2107.46 KB

New update, Horray, V1.2.

-Grabbing a rusted plants gives you one hint.

-Each item you make from the mod gives you a hint.

-TheEntity And CreeperV2 And A Mess.. Do not naturally spawn now, only in the entrance.

-Debuffed Rusted Armor.

-TheChosenPeices Coming Soon!