Nether Scattered

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by: lamon_damon - V1.0.1

The Nether still lacks features, so I made this mod to try improve on what Minecraft has already added to the Nether, but with my own twist on it!


- New Blocks:

  • Diarack Block
  • Braunite Ore & Block
  • Experience Soul Block

- New Items:

  • Diarack, which is crafted with 4 Nether Quartz, 4 Nether Bricks and 1 Diamond
  • Diarack Sword, pretty self-explanatory
  • Blazing Diarack Sword, which sets Enemies on fire without Fire Aspect
  • Nether Totem, if item is in your Inventory, grants Resistance II only in the Nether
  • And many more...!

More will be added over time!

This is just the beginning of the mod.


Wiki: Nether Scattered - Wiki

CurseForge Version: Nether Scattered - CurseForge

Modrinth Version: Nether Scattered - Modrinth

Modification files
Nether Scattered V1.0.1_0.jar - V1.0.1 - Nether ScatteredUploaded on: 11/21/2023 - 13:39   File size: 5.66 MB
Nether Scattered V1.0.0 [TEXTURE REVAMP].jar - V1.0.0 - Nether Scattered [TEXTURE REVAMP]Uploaded on: 11/20/2023 - 16:10   File size: 5.66 MB
Nether Scattered V0.9.1.jar - V0.9.1 - Nether ScatteredUploaded on: 11/13/2023 - 17:40   File size: 4.02 MB
Nether Scattered V0.9.jar - V0.9 - Nether ScatteredUploaded on: 11/03/2023 - 18:11   File size: 4.02 MB


  • Fixed Braunite Ore not dropping when broken with an Iron Pickaxe or higher
  • Fixed the description of the Corrupted Tear
  • Fixed the Creyesis Spawn Egg being in the Scatter Creative Tab


  • New Mob - Creyesis (A floating Eyeball that spawns in the Nether occasionally);
  • New Item - Corrupted Tear (Rarely drops from the Creyesis Mob and when Right-Clicked, gives you 20 seconds of Night Vision but can only be used every 45 seconds);
  • Revamped some texture, and made some even better!

Have Fun!