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Hello There !


Thank you very much for visiting my mod page and so here are the features that this mod adds:

It's also already the 1.1 version ! Thanks a lot for supporting me !

  • 3 new ores: The aragonite; The fireite; The greenite
  • 3 new set of armors about the new ores 
  • 5 new tools according to the 3 new ores (15 in total so)
  • 3 new dimensions about the new ores 
  • 3 new structures
  • 3 new biome (1 in each dimension)
  • 3 new commands: "/craft"; "/furnace"; "/chest"
  • and of course a little easter egg ;)


So, basically, the mod is all based on the 3 new ores :)



If you want to contact me please never hesitate, it will be on Discord and here you are, my pseudo: aragonspirit

Modification files
The Aragon Mod [Official 1.1] - Mc1.20.1_0.jar - Aragon Mod [Official] Version 1.1Uploaded on: 11/29/2023 - 16:19   File size: 639.99 KB


The 1.1 version just turned on !

  • The rest of the weapons/tools have been added 
  • The armors and all of the tools have been equilibrated
  • The aragonite wood pack have been added to the aragonite biome
  • The fireite wood pack have been added to the fireite biome
  • The greenite wood pack have been added to the greenite biome
  • A last structure have been added to the aragonite dimension
  • Three new commands



Thank you so much for visiting and maybe downloading this mod :)


It's a good idea but you might add some weapons to really give it a touch. Also in my own Mod making experience don't stop on this mod or you will never get this one on the list :).

Maybe if you could add some abilities for unique artifacts around the world. That is something Minecraft truly needs. Just the same textures as vanilla items just different lore and name (especially the abilities).
I was going to this myself but i decided to make a magic based mod called Epic RPG. Great mod tho :)

Hey sup dear minecraftians I see new downloads on the mod page. Do you like it ? is It worth it ? Your opinion counts a lot to me !

Hey dear traveler ! don't hesitate to tell me or to others what you think about the mod just over here !