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Foraging mod adds foraging to minecraft!

What Adds?

-a knife. used to forage.

-iron shard. for crafting.

-strawberry. used to eat. regens 3 hunger.

-strawberry bush. when destroyed with hand(or other things) only drops 1 strawberry. if used with knife theres a probability of dropping 1 extra strawberry and 2 sticks.

pd:forgot to mention that the iron shard is made with an iron ingot and pickaxe(stone,iron,diamond)and depending the pickaxe it will give more than usual

How Do I Start?

to start you must craft a knife (as the image shows). with the knife you can start foraging (example:foraging leaves)

and also you unlock an achivement

list Of Items Can Be Dropped Using The Knife:

1-Any Leaves: 2 sticks (common), 1 apple (common+achivement), 2 apples (un-common+achivement), 1 golden apple (rare+challenge)

2-Crops (wheat,potato,carrot):1 extra wheat (wheat+common+achivement) , 2 extra potatoes (potato+un-common+achivement) , 2 extra carrots (carrot+un-common+achivement) , 1 golden carrot (carrot+rare+achivement)

3-Grass: 2 seeds (common), 1 grass blades(common), 1 melon seed(un-common+achivement), pumpkin seed(un-common+achivement)

4-Strawberry Bush:1 extra strawberry + 2 sticks (common)


ask me suggestions and report bugs or errors in the comments

also support by up-voting the mod!


Modification files
foraging-beta1.0.0.jar - beta version of the updates will come . ¡you will expect bugs or errors!76.64 KB