Polished Minecraft

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I made this in about half an hour. It polishes/fixes/adds somethings I think Minecraft needs. Let me know about any bugs. It adds chains for chain armor, and seamless stone slabs (sorry the names look weird). I will probably not update it much. Also, the picture does not show it, but you can smelt rotten flesh into leather.


I hope you enjoy!

Modification files
PolishedMinecraft1-0-1.jar - Polished Minecraft 1.0.1Uploaded on: 04/15/2018 - 13:23   File size: 132.2 KB

I will soon add the missing spawn eggs to the creative inventory (golems, wither, dragon, killer rabbit, and giant). Any I missed?

This mod makes the game kind of easier due to making exploring useless when this mod makes those stuff craft-able.