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It's a nice mod with a very op sword... THE DRAGONMKAER!!! It can kill just about anything with less hits... it does 94 dmg when grabbed from creative mode but when you craft the sword then you have to smelt it because it says it's inactive. So just smelt it! then you get a sharpness 10 enchant in which it will do 99.5 dmg. it also add ore swords and a new ore. GUARDIAN GEMS! that makes the guardian sword. all of these swords make the Dragonmaker after smelting it of course... so yah! that's my latest mod so thanks for downloading and I'll hope for more mods to come...



Gyass from the BCUSA team

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project_dragonmaker_1.12.2_1.0.0.jar - PDM 1.0Uploaded on: 09/03/2018 - 16:40   File size: 53.7 KB