Six6Stars Item Compactor

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Thank you for viewing my mod

The focus of
this mod is to take nuisance items that we tend to collect a lot of at
times but don't really use much, and turn them into attractive new
blocks that can be used for building as well a few other things.

This mod introduces a red-stone powered Item Compactor that
takes things like Sand for example, and compacts it into a super hard
new block that can withstand explosions. Some blocks can be crafted into
stairs as well. Leaves can be compacted into furnace fuel that will
smelt like wood planks. It takes 9 blocks of most items to make the
compacted version. Finally, 9 coal blocks can be compacted into a diamond.

Added blocks:

  • Compacted Sand
    • (comes with a stair block)
  • Compacted Dirt
    • (comes with a stair block)
  • Compacted Cobblestone
    • (comes with a stair block)
  • Compacted Gravel
    • (comes with a stair block)
  • Compacted Glass block
    • (explosion proof AND comes with a stair block)
  • Compacted End Stone
    • (comes with a stair block)
  • Compacted Netherrack
    • (can be used as super furnace fuel to smelt 720 items AND comes with a stair block that will smelt 180 items. Both burn like regular Netherrack)

1. The stair blocks that can be crafted from the new hard blocks are resistant to being destroyed by explosions BUT will be knocked out of place.
2. No hopper support at this time.

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Minecraft Forge mod
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Nice mod
I think 16x16 textures would be better though