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Hi! I wasn't posting mods a very long time, so I just decided to upload a small but nice mod!

This mod adds some things which you can use in Survival. You can find all the recipes in NEI. Let me tell what I made in this mod:


-Copper ore: You can find it very often and get it by breaking min. with a stone

  pickaxe. You can get copper ingot from it.

-Fossil: It's like "bone ore", so if you break it with min. a wood pickaxe you'll get

  2 bones. It is generated in the Overworld and in very big amounts in the Nether.


-Copper ingot: You can get it by melting copper ore.

-Gear: Material used to craft the Gear sword.

-Reinforced gear: Material used to craft a Reinforced gear sword.

Tool/armor sets:

-Copper set: It is in the middle of stone and iron set. The harvest level is 2.

-Gear sword: The sword made of Gears. A bit stronger than the iron sword (+6.5

  attck damage).

-Reinforced gear sword: The sword made of Reinforced gears. It is pretty strong,

  better than the diamond one (+10.5 attack damage).


-Wild berry bush: Bush which you can find in forest, taiga, hills and jungle. If you

  break it you'll get 6 Wild berries.


-Wild berries: They give you 2 points of food.

-Wild berry pie: They give you 7 points of food.

So, I hope you'll enjoy this mod! Wait for more mods from me! Bye!

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