kenimoT's foods.

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1.16.5 Mod


This mod adds these items/mobs/foods:

Tuna mob 🐟

Tuna meat πŸ–

Tuna can and empty can πŸ₯«

Chocolate 🍫

Plate of food and empty one 🍽️

Mashed Potatoes πŸ₯”

Wagyu Steak πŸ₯©πŸ’΅

Frying Pan 🍳

Spikes πŸ—‘οΈ

Burger πŸ”

Cheese Burger πŸ”

Burger With lettuce and cheese πŸ”

Lobsta (lobster) 🦞

Lobster Meat  πŸ¦ž

Cheese πŸ§€

Lettuce πŸ₯¬

Meat Patty πŸ₯©

Current Mod version is 1.3

Current bugs i know and i dont know how to fix but trying to:

none (finnaly)

Modification files
kenimotsfoods1.1.jar - 1.1Uploaded on: 03/26/2023 - 13:41   File size: 54.12 KB
kenimotsfood1.2.jar - 1.2Uploaded on: 03/28/2023 - 07:33   File size: 103.42 KB
kenimotsfoods1.3.jar - 1.3Uploaded on: 03/29/2023 - 10:35   File size: 163.12 KB

released version 1.1 with Tuna stuff and lot of food

Ver 1.2 Added:

Wagyu steak and chef's base, frying pan, spikes out of various materials and a throwable spear. ...                      fixed one word in desc from "Veroion" to "Version"

Ver 1.3 Adds:

Cheese Burger, Hamburger, And Burger with lettuce and cheese, added lettuce, cheese, meat patty and kenimoT's Chicken nuggets. Added One new mob "Lobster" and lobser meat. and Finnaly FIXED TUNA!!