ChocolateCraft Mod

Published by nikitka_04 on Fri, 04/21/2017 - 18:45
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Hello,this is my 2nd modification!

Chocolate craft mod adds to Minecraft:

 Crafting recipes:

 -Cocoa,log in centre,on the right and left of the log wheat seeds and sugar over and under the log.



 -Chocolate Dimension (Biome)- Made of chocolate!

 -White Chocolate Dimension (Biome)- Made of white chocolate!

   -Chocolate dimension- There's only chocolate blocks and deformated chocolate blocks,it looks very nice! The portal is a lot of chocolate brick (Yes,in this mod exists chocolate bricks) and you

                                             need a Chocolate portal igniter made of a chocolate stick and a chocolate.

   -White chocolate dimension- Like a normal chocolate dimension,but made of white chocolate,so you need White Chocolate Brick and a White Chocolate Portal Igniter!



   -Chocolate block- Made of 4 chocolate parts.

   -White chocolate block- Made of 4 white chocolate parts.

   -Chocolate brick- Looks very cool!

   -White chocolate brick- Looks very cool!

   -Deformated chocolate block- Like normal,but without special form.

   -Deformated white chocolate block- Like normal,but without special form.


   Items and food

   -Chocolate or chocolate part- +3 saturation.

   -White chocolate or white chocolate part- +3 saturation.

   -Deformated chocolate- +4 saturation.

   -Deformated white chocolate- +4 saturation.

   -Chocolate stick- Made from 3 chocolate parts.

   -White chocolate stick- Made from 3 white chocolate parts.

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