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This mod is based off of the "JACS Robot addon" Credit goes to that addon.


This mod adds new entities and structures to your world. One being an empty outpost, One being a base of operations for the robots.


The Miner

The Miner is a robot that mines ore. Nothing More, Nothing less.


The Head Miner
Another Variant of the Miner, Except it is better protected and equipped with recycled pickaxes. It cannot be attacked normally.


The Defender

The Defender will protect its designated home or buddies. It is hostile toward any player. Armed with an iron sword, diamond chestplate, iron leggings and leather boots.


The Scout

The scout is a robot that wanders the world and is the only robot that spawns naturally. Armed with a stone sword, turtle shell, golden chestplate and iron leggings and boots.


Recycled Robots

The Recycled robots are failed and imprisoned variants of the robot.

The Normal Variant has grey armor, grey sword and is frail. Can be found in a rare structure or crafted.

The Hero Variant has diamond armor and major buffs such as resistance, regeneration, speed, and strength. Can be found in a rare structure or crafted.


The Commander

Leads all operations for the robots. Armed with a shield, iron shovel, turtle shell, iron chestplate and leggings, and golden boots.  Can be found in a rare structure.


The Reinforcements

Arrives when a commander dies. Intended to increase difficulty and kill the player.



These robots can mine ore.


The Corrupt

A rarer variant of the robot. Only spawned if a corpse is tampered with. They will continue to assimilate and attack anything in their path. Excluding the player. However they will attack when provoked.



The corpse is a broken/destroyed robot that had recently died.
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Robots V1.6.jar - Corrupted Robot TweaksUploaded on: 01/15/2024 - 04:30   File size: 338.97 KB

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