Published by XavierMB on Wed, 09/09/2020 - 04:34
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What is it?

This mod just makes minecraft more tedious, hence the name. Making logs now requires a sharp stone, and crafting a furnace requires a campfire. 


I wanted to make a mod that made minecraft more challenging. I'm only starting the project now, so only the basic quest-line is done (from the beginning to the ender dragon). Obviously there's still work to do with some of the sprites (looking at you hardened diamond). This mod also gives more light to the stonecutter (should be properly renamed "Cutter").

WARNINGS (and some other things):

Dont try this mod if you get frustrated easily. It's not an easy mod for one person (and it wont ever be). For an easier experience, play this mod with other people. To put this in perspective, you will probably be living in a dirt house until you get iron. Yeah, I'm that guy. I'm hoping to add a dimension that you'll have to pop in and out of in order to get certain necessary materials, and more custom crafting recipes for all the other items (or at least most of them).

What all does this add?

This adds custom recipes for existing items, as well as harder items to obtain for some items that I felt werent tedious enough to get. The meany in me made diamond picks harder to get (requiring insane luck, or a visit to the nether), and beginning game wood extremely annoying (one log = one plank). There is also a pretty easy to follow questline (with recipes given in order to complete them) that will show you how I've made progression work. 

Modification files
TediousityV0.0.5.jar - V0.0.5: This is the initial questline only. Basically the easiest version of the modUploaded on: 09/09/2020 - 04:50   File size: 78.99 KB

This is the initial questline. Adds custom recipes/items for the core progression of the game.