Minearchy (Java)

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Minearchy is an expansion to the already massive Minecraft, introducing new features, biomes, soon to come bosses and dimensions for the player to explore and to fight. 


My first project.

Java only. (Currently)


Inspired off of Terraria's Calamity mod, expansive and chaotic. Hence, Mine-archy, as in anarchy.

If you would like to see some things be added in the mod, please, comment down below what you would like to see, would help a lot.


Thanks for downloading the mod.


The mod is getting a revamp and will go under the name "Crafty Chaos". If I ever do get the motivation to complete it, think of this as how I've grown as a mod maker. Just wish me luck.

Modification files
Minearchy Java Version 3_0.jarUploaded on: 08/30/2021 - 15:51   File size: 264.46 KB

In this new update of Minearchy Java, 8/30/2021:

  • Rubies now have a use, create the Ruby Greatsword, an upgrade to the Diamond Sword.
  • One more new steel tool that I...probably should've added earlier.
  • New textures.
  • New creature.
  • Wasteland biome now has unique textures.
  • Bright Soul is now rarer to come by.
  • Repeater + Bolt ammo removed.
  • New biome, lush forest (probably will get removed.)
  • Improved durability of steel tools.
  • New potion (Can be brewed using a bright soul)
  • Yes, a better thumbnail, now this probably won't be unpublished in the future.

More features, and expansions to existing features coming soon!

if you are not on windows 10 you can get minecraft java and forge so you can play your mod.

Everything that was previously "broken" was fixed, expect normal generations, and mob textures to be fixed next update.