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Oxygen 1.5 trailer: --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXkcjOavaAM


Do you get bored of the normal vanilla features? Oxygen adds hundreds of features, including new mobs, blocks, and more, all while looking like vanilla Minecraft! This mod adds things like huge underground caves that you can explore while getting new blocks to build with, and lots of new mobs, like tulk mites and gold ants.


Oxygen logo


🐦Birbs, Bugs, and Bees update (Version 1.4)


  • Birbs now spawn everywhere in the world on the branches of trees.
  • In deserts, forests and plains, you can find bugs, bugs can be caught with a bug net, and turned into elixers.
  • New biomes now spawn all over the world, like the rocky desert, and marigold meadows.
  • Glares, from the 2021 mob vote have also been added.
  • Lots of new blocks, including pumpkin planks, and its variants.
  • And lots of other new features!


A picture of a maple forest.



Join my Discord server to see update features early, suggest features, report bugs, or just talk to some humans: https://discord.gg/Sj2FZuRbYF



If you encounter an issue, DO NOT REPORT IT IN THE COMMENTS. Please report it on the bug report page on Curseforge, and then I will be able to help you :3


The mod is also on Curseforge.



A house made of some of the new blocks

A brimstone caves biome

A rainbow :3

Modification files
oxygen_1.jar - [FORGE 1.16.5] Oxygen 1.4.3 - 🎄Holiday Update!⛄Uploaded on: 12/04/2021 - 21:28   File size: 1.63 MB
[FORGE 1.17.1] Oxygen 22w31a_1.jar - [FORGE 1.17.1] Oxygen 22w31a (snapshot)Uploaded on: 08/05/2022 - 12:21   File size: 9.95 MB

Palm Trees

  • Added palm trees, new trees that generate in the beach biome.
  • Unripe coconuts generate on palm trees, they will fall when hit, after 5 minutes, they will change to ripe coconuts.
  • Coconut water can be crafted with an unripe coconut and wheat.
  • Ripe coconuts were going to be used for food and a new item called maracas, but I didn't have enough time to add them so they will be in 22w31b/22w32a (next snapshot).
  • Palm trees can be crafted into planks (with stairs, slabs, fences, pressure plates and buttons), there are also palm leaves.
  • There is also a palm sapling but it doesn't work yet.

Baobab Trees

  • Baobab trees generate in savannas, they are made with acacia wood, but it will be replaced with baobab wood in 22w31b/22w32a, when i finish baobab leaves texture.
  • Added baobab planks, baobab wood does not generate naturally yet so they're only in the creative inventory.


  • Changed limestone and limestone bricks texture.
  • Made pumpkin blinds texture look like the other blinds.
  • Added gold bars.


  • Some limestone now generates under deserts.
  • Added sandstone rocks in deserts.
  • Barrel cacti exists now.
  • Dunegrass spawns less.

it seems to be pretty vanillish, but some features feel off!
for example, rainbow structure, something feels off about it for me...
maybe there should be cloud blocks or smth?
anyway, nice mod!

ty, maybe the rainbows could generate on cloud blocks in the sky? the cloud blocks could be lighter (maybe more pastel-y), so they could blend in with the cloud blocks, they also would be transparent so light would go through the block, so no shadows on the surface of the world.

there is a typo: "Birbs" in "🐦Birds, Bugs, and Bees update (Version 1.4)" section

The logo is a bit tilted :d i see you didn’t manage to edit the camera on your mine-imator correctly to make the camera perfect angle