Published by Axolotlzzz on Tue, 07/06/2021 - 14:51
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Oxygen 1.4 trailer

1.4 is out! :3 (so birbs exist now)


Some of the things included in this mod:


  • 3 New cave biomes (rarity will be changed in future update).
  • Tulk Mites! the best mob ever uwu
  • Nearly a hundred new blocks, some even have functionality, like altars (which are made with wreth and obsidian crystals, both found in the end) can make bewitched tulk slices.
  • Bewitched potions, can be made by brewing tulk slice with different materials.
  • There lots of other things too!




Some biomes...

A Brimstone Caves biome
A Brimstone Caves biome
A very deep cave in a Fractured Grotto
A very deep cave in a Fractured Grotto.
A blob of Tulk in a Tulked Cave...
A blob of Tulk in a Tulked Cave...
A Tulk Mite
A Tulk Mite above a Tulked Cave!


Discord: https://discord.gg/ArjJYMP7mD.

The mod is also on Curseforge.

Modification files
oxygen (2).jar - Oxygen 1.4.1 - 🍗Thanksgiving update!🦃1.59 MB



  • Added turkeys, mob that spawn in maple forests.


  • Turkeys drop taw turkey, which can be cooked the same as any other meat.


  • Added a new 1x2 block painting, "Turkey

there's a discord server you can join if youwant updates on the mod.

This will be updated soon, just need to do some stuff, and then make a trailer for it