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Welcome to the Everything Crafting Mod.

This mod adds in 25 new mechanics. Please note that this mod is extremely far from completion.

If you have any ideas please say them down below in the comments!


Current Recipes:

iPhone -> Apple, Brick Block, Iron Ingot (Will change in the future)

Full chainmail armor set -> Like other armor crafting recipes. Uses chains.

Iron Apple -> Crafted like a golden apple but uses iron instead of gold.

Iron Dirt Ore -> Raw iron, dirt

Glowing Obsidian -> Obsidian, Glowstone or Glowberries

Stone Sticks

Cobblestone Sticks

Mossy Cobblestone Sticks

I had to add this in because I didn't get the character limit. So here is some development history.

I started working on this mot on 20-7-2022, but stopped after like 1 hour to go to bed.

There are also some scrapped items like a block combination of the sea lantern and the magma block. 

BTW Just so you know the phone is a storage unit. The recipe for the phone will change in the future.

Modification files
Everything_V1.0_Alpha.jar - V1.0 -First releaseUploaded on: 07/21/2022 - 18:18   File size: 153.67 KB