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In this version:

Hi everybody! This is my 1st mod, that works. So, please, don not rate very hard.

And now things, which will add with my mod:

1. New dimension - T7ik. Your portal must be make of moss stone and when you have build it, you must "burn" it with the T7ik loader.

2. T7ik armor, made of T7ik stone!

3.T7ik instruments: sword, hoe, axe, showel, pickaxe.

4. Some achievements.

5. Mega T7ik sword.

                      Sword, which made of the nether star, which made in the depths of the caves. A lot of people and elfs tried to master it...

Have fun! And good luck.

In future version:

1. Five new mobs

2. Five new (olnly) swords.

3. Three new ores.

4. More achievements.

5. May be bugfixes.


And, please, sorry for my english...

Modification files
T7ik_mod-minecraft-1.7.10-v.1.1.26.zipUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:17   File size: 99.36 KB