A New Beginning: Seasons DLC

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A Christmas mod that adds Christmas things. :P



  • Naughty Present - Drops from animals at a low* chance. Expect coal and, *retch*, candy corn.
  • Very Naughty Present - Drops from animals at an even lower* chance. Expect to get punished!
  • Nice Present - Drops from mobs at a low chance. Expect good gifts like gingerbread, ornaments, diamonds, etc!
  • Very Nice Present - Drops from mobs at an even lower chance. Expect a lot of good gifts. And plushies.


  • Sant-Attacker v2 [175 HP] - A giant armored robotic Santa Claus, designed to punish very naughty people! Also designed to break walls and just as easily fix them! Though this robot is sometimes known to be used to leave presents under trees, its main use is more like an air conditioner for when Santa and his reindeers have to travel to hot places, like Ecuador! Or more practically, to cool down Santa's auto-sleigh and other machines in his factory.
  • Evolved Mobs - The hunter zombie, charger creepfan, and skeleton seiger are essentially stronger versions of their respective mobs. They will only spawn in the overworld if the gamerule to spawn them is enabled.


Comes in 10 colors; Red, Orange, Yellow-ish, Green, Blue, Violet (Purple?), Pink-ish, White, Gray, and Black! Hangs from below blocks.


  • Gingerbread - (See section below)
  • Candy Cane - A sugary, minty treat that can be found in nice presents. Gives speed and luck when eaten!
  • Candy Corn - Bland morsels of candy that can be found in naughty presents. Takes a quarter of time to eat most food items.
  • Candy Cane Blocks & Gingerbread Blocks - Edible blocks! When you break them, you're actually eating them. Hence, why they don't drop anything. Because you ate them. Can be crafted by putting their respective food items in a 2x2 square. (For gingerbread blocks, any gingerbread cookies will do.)


All gingerbread items

  • Gingerbread Cookies - Gingerbread cookies for people who actually like gingerbread cookies. Gives absorption (and more when you eat more of them)!
  • Gingerperson - A gingerbread version of...someone. It could be anyone really. Randomly gives an auxiliary buff.
  • Gingerstar - A gingerbread star. Gives you stacking amounts of luck, until it doesn't. :c
  • Gingersaucepan - A gingerbread...saucepan? Who thought of this? Why is it dipped in hot sauce? It's an acquired taste.
  • Gingercreeper - A gingerbread...creeper. Smells suspiciously of gunpowder... Maybe it's the gumdrop. Gives speed!
  • Gingerwither - A gingerbread wither. It looks darker (and more dangerous) than most of the other gingerbread cookies. With great power comes great responsibility!
  • Gingercat - A gingerbread cat. It looks adorable! Feels cold though. It will cure poison, anger, and wither (if it's less than Level 3)!
  • Gingerbread Pie - It's a gingerbread pie full of frosting. Gives diabetes!


Have fun! And remember that leather boots protect you from powder snow! (Maybe it doesn't in 1.19.4. IDK, I haven't touched Minecraft in 6 months.)

Modification files
new_beginning_seasons.jar - v1.0 (1.19.4)Uploaded on: 12/21/2023 - 16:11   File size: 259.02 KB
new_beginning_seasons-1.0.1.jar - (1.20.1 supported)Uploaded on: 12/21/2023 - 19:27   File size: 260.64 KB


Released for Minecraft v1.20.1


Released for Minecraft v1.19.4.