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Published by Lonrad on Fri, 03/16/2018 - 20:27
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I've been away all week but it's pleasant to know that I got MOTW!

This is Magitek!

It adds new mobs, new items, new blocks, new weapons, new foods, new dimensions, and more! The world of Minecraft will now be more of a challenge to explore, but it'll be worth it, and much more fun!



Drill - A miner's best friend; mines stone before you even know you were going to mine it.

Hammer - Great for breaking down houses, tunnelling and shovelling. It's the Earth erasing tool - steady there.

Dark Axe - Deals only as much damage as a wooden axe, but every block you break with it restores 5 hearts of health.

Reinforced Hammer - A stronger hammer. Careful where you swing it, or else you could turn a statue into debris in seconds.

Reinforced Drill - A stronger drill. Do you dig this? Because it might dig you. Seriously, you could sculpt caves in no time.

Chainsaw - Trees will bow down to you when you come by just so they don't get tree-capitated. It's also the strongest steel tool.

Excavator - If we've already made it to dinner, it's no surprise! This spoon-looking tool will break fast! Scoop out islands in minutes!



Stinger - Once a scorpion's, the stinger is strong but doesn't last too long. A great emergency weapon, though.

Soul Sword - A ghastly weapon, made from ghosts for ghosts.

Slaya - A strong blade. Rubies shall not go to waste.

Sklasha - The ultimate weapon - slices through mobs like a 1000 degree knife.

Scythe - The Grim Reaper's weapon. Mobs will know to steer clear of you once you have this equipped.

Arquon - The battle axe of the gods... and the lumberjacks.

Telesword - Now you see me, now you don't, cutting a gaping hole in your throat; you can zip or soar; scream or roar; antagonizing your foes forevermore.

Starrus - The mace of space - holder of the sharpest blade.

Icicust -  This icy blade will make you pick up the pace and makes the battle ace - or ice.

Fang Dagger - A sharp dagger. It only deals as much damage as a stone sword but it's much more durable, as it's handle is made of steel.

Clawset - A claw... and a closet! Attack your foes at the same time as keeping your diamonds safe with you.

Steel Broadsword - For the cheapest sword in the mod, the Steel Broadsword is substantial for its accessibility. It does more damage than diamond.

Iron Longsword - Tier 1 longsword. Substantial durability for its tier. Powers: knockback I.

Gold Longsword - Tier 1 longsword. Low durability but stronger than iron. Powers: sharpness I.

Platinum Longsword - Tier 3 longsword. Very high durability, the second strongest longsword. Powers: sharpness II, looting I.

Carapace Longsword - Tier 2 Longsword. Less durability than iron but more than gold. Powers: sweeping I.

Steel Longsword - Tier 2 Longsword. Not as durable as platinum or osmium but more than the rest. Powers: fire aspect I.

Osmium Longsword - Tier 3 Longsword. The most durable of them all. Has the most powers. Powers: sharpness II, knockback I, looting I.

Great Claymore of Fire - A burning sword. Ignites everything it touches. Powers: fire aspect II.

Great Claymore of Thunder - An electric sword that can summon lightning. Converts experience into energy so you can recharge your weapon with it. Powers: sweeping III, mending I.


Ranged Weapons:

Soul Scepter - Remember the Mage? The one that shoots dark magic? Well, you can do that too, but now with fire.

Dynamite - Throwable TNT. I'm totally not encouraging griefers here... okay, maybe, because it's really cheap.

Goonade - If Goo TNT was too careful for you, then throw it instead. It's also renewable.

Magic Scepter - Like the Soul Scepter, but it doesn't knock targets back so it locks on to the opponent.

Shuriken - A throwing star. It's sharp and renewable.

Reinforced Shuriken - A sharper shuriken that is capable of quickly killing mobs.

Iron Metalbow - A tier 1 metalbow. Has a substantial amount of durability for its tier.

Gold Metalbow - A tier 1 metalbow. Does more damage than iron but weaker than all of the others.

Platinum Metalbow - A tier 3 metalbow. The second strongest and second most durable of them all.

Carapace Metalbow - A tier 2 metalbow. Has less durability than iron but stronger than gold.

Steel Metalbow - A tier 2 metalbow. The strongest tier two bow. Only weaker than tier three.

Osmium Metalbow - A tier 3 metalbow. The strongest tier three and the strongest of them all.



Soul Armor - Strong and spooky. It's gelatinous, too.

Obsidian Armor. Tough equipment. Protects your hide from all types of fire damage.

Ultimate Armor - Gives you many good effects, like speed, leaping, and more. You'll need it.

Carapace Armor - A beginner's armor. Not the cheapest, and not really durable, but a tad more protective than diamond.

Shelmet - Formerly a Shulker's shell, this cap is more protective than Carapace. It gives you perks, too.

Tankertype - The strongest of them all. It weighs you down quite a lot, but it's hard as steel. And is steel, too.



Pouch - A small pack for the off-hand slot. Has a carrying capacity of five items. I suggest your diamonds, as they won't fall out once you're done with it.

Sawbox - Cuts up wood planks and dispenses Sawdust. You might think that you mined for ages trying to find iron and redstone just to craft a machine that turns wood into dust, but no, it's much more than that. In fact, Sawdust is responsible for the recipes of half of the items in the mod.

Plate Mould - A clay plate cast. Pour a molten metal into it and you get the respective metal plate.

Iron Plate - A flat sheet of iron. Acts like a tray; pour lava on it and you get molten iron.

Gold Plate - A flat sheet of gold. Acts like a tray; pour lava on it and you get molten gold.

Platinum Plate - A flat sheet of platinum. Acts like a tray; pour lava on it and you get molten platinum.

Carapace Plate - A flat sheet of carapace. Acts like a tray; pour lava on it and you get molten carapace.

Steel Plate - A flat sheet of steel. Acts like a tray; pour lava on it and you get molten steel.

Osmium Plate - A flat sheet of osmium. Acts like a tray; pour lava on it and you get molten osmium.

Mixed Plate - A mixture of iron, gold, platinum and carapace. Can be used to make firey and icy variations.

Calescent Plate - A heated plate. Crack it up to turn it into fire dust or melt it to get Deliquescent Metals.

Gelid Plate - A frosted plate. Crack it up to get ice dust or melt it to get Decalescent Metals.

Binding Mould - A clay binding cast. Pour a molten metal into it and you get the respective metal binding.

Iron Binding - Tightly woven coils of iron.

Gold Binding - Tightly woven coils of gold.

Platinum Binding - Tightly woven coils of platinum.

Carapace Binding - Tighlty woven coils of carapace.

Steel Binding - Tightly woven coils of steel.

Osmium Binding - Tightly woven coils of osmium.

Gear - A spinning mechanic that can be used to make some items.

X Grow - Craft it with a seed and you'll get four of the respective crop.

Shotcross - Ammo for metalbows. Small but sharp, so don't underestimate it.

Tankertype Wafer - A heavy disc of steel. Used for making the Tankertype armor.

Sword Mould - A clay sword cast. Pour a molten metal into it and you get the respective metal binding.


Basalt Types:

Basalt Cobblestone - A darker cobblestone.

Basalt - Found near the bottom of the world. Very hot.

Seared Basalt - Nicely carved Basalt.

Cow Basalt - Patchy Basalt for a more volcanic look.

Gritty Basalt - A gravel-like Basalt. Useful for rustic builds.

Cold Basalt - Icy Basalt that can only be found near frozen volcanoes.


Marble Types:

Marble Cobblestone - A brighter cobblestone.

Marble - Found from the middle of the world to the bottom.

Seared Marble - Nicely carved Marble.

Cow Marble - Patchy Marble for a more wild look.

Gritty Marble - A gravel-like Marble. Useful for rustic builds.



Mizz - Flows upwards. Makes you levitate.

Goo - Poisonous. Don't swim in it.

Molten Iron - Hot and red. Not for baths.

Molten Gold - Shiny but boiling. Don't touch it.

Molten Platinum - It looks cold but it's the opposite.

Molten Carapace - Basically liquid bug skin. Gross.

Molten Osmium - Not a waste of osmium at all.

Deliquescent Metals - It's the hottest fluid you'll ever come by.

Decalescent Metals - It's so cold, it makes you slow and weak.



Mage - He goes around town looking for trouble, summoning blazes and shooting dark magic at everyone. He isn't that absent-minded to stray away from his nemesis, Cloaked, though.

Bogfoul - A zombie that has a taste in brown shirts... and wooden swords... and living in the bog. Well, whatever floats his boat.

Scorpion - Crawls around the desert, looking for a meal. He attacks as soon as eye contact is made between you and him, in which he'll walk over to give you a venomous high-five.

Ghost - He likes dark areas and a body to haunt... he's the ghost! He acts like a zombie but more capable of swarming you. What's worse is that that he's completely silent and immune to fire!

Frigid Creeper - A cold creeper that roams around the icy parts of the abyss. Try and set him on fire but jokes on you because he's not accustomed to it.

Bog Hog - This little piggy lives in the muddy and dirty bog. A very suitable place for him. You can ride him even without a saddle.

Cloaked - He's a light warrior that'll protect his villagers from his archenemy, the mage. Don't try fighting him though, because he's not afraid to fight back. Also, iron golems can't tell the difference between him and the mage, so they fight him anyway.

Dry Ice Creeper - When lightning strikes a frigid creeper, he'll appear. He'll also leave behind some dark magic when he makes his first step on Earth.

Ender Reaper - Looking at him in the eyes won't be a problem because he's already hostile, but he'll slash you with his scythe and summon skeletons. Also, fire is a steam bath for him... yeah, let's not talk about baths because he hates those.

Thunder Creeper - A yellow creeper that'll pounce on you and strike lightning at you until he forces you to into giving up. That is, unless his dry ice creeper minions do first.

Spartan - A Spartan that'll proudly march around the Heavens until he's touched, in which, you'll get quite a reaction.

Light Knight - A knight who knows to not fight until he must. He's kind and civil so it'll be unfortunate to see his dark side.

Zombar - Once a God, Zombar was banished from the Heavens. He's now back in Heaven to exact his revenge.

Lava Creeper - You'll want to avoid him if you're exploring the Nether - he's hotter than a normal creeper but isn't any better. Lava bath anyone?

Archer Zombie - He has the eyesight of a zombie and the accuracy of a skeleton; well, he's still a zombie, but it's the Archer Zombie! He'll make night-towers useless.

Scorpion Spitter - He's climbing in yo' windows, snatchin' yo' people up... wait, this is Minecraft! Well, he does a similar thing, but he spits too.

Skez - A faster, stronger skeleton that resides in the desert. He shoots skulls at you and will keep on doing so until one of you wins.

Goo Creeper - When he booms, he goos, and when he goos, you lose. He's the purple abomination of the swamp that you do not want to find.

Cobra - This snake lurks in the jungle, spitting venom on you until you die. He does follow you if you have rotten flesh, though.

Ghasha - He's a tough boss because in melee combat, he uses his strong sword, and in ranged combat, he shoots fire projectiles at you. Don't try running away from him because he's as fast as a flash and he remembers where you go.

Jumping Spider - This spider has the ability to leap further than it can climb. Otherwise, it looks completely different from a normal spider, with green eyes instead of red.

Ember - You'll know when Ember's around when you hear fire sizzling and you see loads of fire sparks. He's dangerous because he's hard to hit but the slowest of all the ranged mobs in the mod.

Flaker -  He's no faster than Ember but he's a cold spirit that'll chuck lumps of snow at you. He does attempt to attack Ember because he knows that he's a threat to him.



Gear - On rare occasion, you can find large cobblestone gears underground, mainly in a round, room-like cave.

Dead Tree - A large, decayed tree with no leaves. A rare source of wood in the desert.

Desert Obelisk - A small fort mainly constructed out of sandstone. There is a pool at the bottom; inside, there's a crafting table, a furnace, some empty double-chests, a jukebox, and an anvil.

Watchtower - When you're exploring a forest, you might come across one of these. Inside, there's a spiralling stairway that leads up to a crow's nest. They're not so common, but it's a good place to temporarily sleep at.



Loom - A spooky forest with tall trees. The biome is eerily peaceful, though, Ghosts can be found here in the day or in the night.

Bog - A swampy biome with foul terrain and murky water. Honeydew melon can be found in the trees, and they're quite abundant, but Bog Hogs and Bogfouls are also just as so.

Abyss - The main terrain of the abyss - rocky, desolate, and lonely.

Abyss Plains - About as desolate as the regular Abyss but the surface is lush and red. Blazes can spawn here, too, so watch out.

Icebyss - A cold spread of packed ice. In the Overworld, its name is a pun, because it's an abyss but filled with ice, but in the Abyss Dimension, its named so because it's an icy area of it.

Magma Plains - The opposite of the Icebyss - a spread of magma. Magma Cubes and Blazes can spawn here on rare occasion, so it's worth stopping by here.

Blessed - A Heavenly Biome. Iron Golems can spawn here, too, and in large numbers.

Aether - A dense, peaceful forest. That is, unless you count Thunder Creeper attacks or Zombar sieges, or Cloaked fights if you provoke them. Only oak trees are found here.

Wilted Plains - A once lush plain, the wilted plains are very barren. The dirt and the water are black. The only thing that's not black in the biome is the yellowish-green grass. Wither Skeletons can be found here, too.

Dune - A grassy desert with rough sand. A variety of mobs spawn here, including Husks and Scorpions, so you should watch your step. Otherwise, the biome is pretty empty.

Slimepit - A slimy forest with slimy wood and slimy leaves. The leaves can be harvested for slimeballs and the wood can be turned into planks which can also be turned into slime rods which can be smelted to make more slimeballs. Whew.

Petrified Forest - A forest with dark terrain and stone trees. Ores, gravel, and other materials can be found in the rocky bark of the trees and the leaves are cobblestone. Zombie and Skeleton horses can be found here, too. Hostile mobs that can spawn here are zombies, skeletons, silverfish, and Cobras, so watch your step.

Meadow - A wonderful starter biome. Trees are plentiful but not too compact that monsters spawn in the day, and cows are plentiful here. The only threat at night is Jumping Spiders.

Alps - An icy biome with peaks that reach so high that falls here can be fatal, but ores are plentiful, especially underwater. Llamas and polar bears are the only passive mobs that spawn here, but there are many hostile monsters, including silverfish and Frigid Creepers.

Denseland - This biome is mainly home to pigs because it's a flat place for them to live on - flat only because of the low trees. Otherwise, it's relatively peaceful.

Badwoods - An evil forest with evil terrain, and, unsurprisingly, evil mobs. Ghosts, Cobras and Embers are not hard to find here, so you better watch out.

Sparklands - A fiery field of unpleasant surprises, like constant Thunder Creepers and Embers - not the best spot to make a home in.

Sacred Woodland - A magical forest - neat! With Cobras - not so neat! But plenty of exclusive resources - super neat!

Frozen Volcano - A barren wasteland of Icy Basalt. Otherwise, it's home to the familiar Frigid Creeper and the rarer Flaker.



The Abyss - Contains many eerie faces and places, but many important materials. Lies below the Nether.

Abyssal mobs - Blaze, Wither Skeleton, Magma Cube, Mage, Ghost, Frigid Creeper, Ember

Heaven - A calm dimension that has beautiful scenery and strong mobs.

Heavenly mobs - Cloaked, Thunder Creeper, Spartan, Light Knight, Ember


If any of you want me to add something or fix an error, just leave a suggestion and I'll take it into consideration.



You might be able to fix the bug with the stone texture being replaced by deleting whatever texture is replacing it and re-importing the texture into MCreator. A while back I tried to make a stone mod, and I took the stone texture from the 1.12.2 jar and edited it and used it for my mod, without renaming it. since it was still called "stone", Minecraft got confused and used it as the default stone texture.

(Export your workspace as a .mcr before you do this so it's recoverable if you mess up) Open MCreator, go to Workspace, go to Textures, delete whatever texture is replacing stone (don't worry if it causes recompilation errors), rename the texture, then import it into MCreator again, and fix whatever block was supposed to have the texture (since you deleted it). Note that this may not work, but it worked for me when I had a similar problem.

Woo! MOTW! All it needed was for me to be gone for one week ;)