God Of War The Leviathan Axe

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This mod focuses on improving gameplay elements by implementing the Leviathan axe from God Of War.



Mod contains 6 new mobs with custom animations and at least 1 special move.



To craft the Leviathan axe you need 2 netherite ingots, 2 sticks and 1 blue ice.



After crafting the axe, initially, you can only perform standard attacks, and you can switch to ranged attacks by pressing 'C' to change the axe mode. 

During your playthrough, you may encounter custom mod structures, two of which have a unique chest containing one of six Runes. Once you find a Rune, you can equip it from your inventory. However, you can only actively carry two Runes in your slots. To understand the purpose of a Rune, hover your mouse over the Rune icon.





Mod Contains 6 Runic Attacks





Also you can collect 3 types of talisman from custom structures and killing Mystical Troll.


Once a talisman is used it takes 5 minutes to cooldown.



In addition, there are five different charms that can be equipped in the charm slot. Charms provide passive abilities to enhance your character.



The mod adds 6 New Mobs


Troll (Mini-Boss)













Mystical Troll(Mini-Boss)



Two types of consumables: 

Apple Of Idunn: When eaten, it increases max health by +2. Can be obtained from special Chests.

Yggdrasil:When consumed, it increases attack power by +1. Can be obtained from mini bosses or structure chests.




Essense Of Might can be obtained from mini boss drop. 

Essense Of Might Sphere can be obtained from bosses or from crafting. 

When 4 Essense Of Might Sphere combined Spartan Rage runic, It allows you to feel the full potential of a true God Of War’s power when equipped.






“C” To change the mode of the axe.

“V” To use talisman.

“X” To deploy a shield when the Leviathan axe in your main hand.


Mod Needs below mods to work properly!




" Leviathan Axe" by b3nja015
Available for download at https://blockmodels.com.com/model/721/

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I suggest you to change the title and the image of the mod, they are not very catchy, whatever, the mod is so cool!