Craftable Music Discs (Java Edition)

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Craftable Music Discs For Java

most of the crafts are:

redstone | iron | redstone

     iron     | etc  |   iron

redstone | iron | redstone


you mostly put the color of the middle part of the disc as wool

13 is yellow wool

cat is lime wool

blocks is red wool

chirp is nether wart

far is green wool

mall is purple wool

mellohi is a peony

stal is black wool

strad is white wool

ward is slime block

11 is:

blank | iron | blank

iron    | coal block | blank

redstone | blank | redstone

wait is light blue wool

otherside is pitcher plant

pigstep is lava bucket with nether wart blocks instead of the redstone

relic is blue wool with restone blocks instead of the redstonew

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