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Have you ever wanted an easier way to get diamond horse armor for your horse? have u ever wanted an easier way to get a saddle for your horse or pig? than this is the mod for you! This mod allows you to craft diamon, gol and iron horse armor in a crafting table! Also you can create saddles with just 3 leather and 2 iron!

to craft diamond horse armor you will need  2 blue wool at the bottom left corner and middle bottom left of the crafting screen, then you will need to place on the far left middle row of the crafting screen 1 diamond, then next to that a saddle and next to that u will need 1 blue wool, on top of that last blue wool u will have to place 1 more diamond. and u have yourseft diamond horse armor! to make the gold  horse armor replace the thediamonds with gold ingots and replace the blue wool with yellow wool, for iron replace the 2 diamonds with 2 iron ingots and replace the blue wool with black wool! To craft the saddle u need to place 3 leather along the whole middle row of your crafting screen, then place 2 iron ingots in the bottom left and right corners! Thats is it for this mod and I hope you like it! I tried to put a video but I couldnt so, now there is no video.

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