Not Enough Food Mod Beta 1.0

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Have You ever wished for more food in ur Minecraft world?Well now there is more food! With the Not Enough Food Mod! it adds in Cinamon, Pastry, Apple Pies and more! To get Flour u will need to break tall grass and flour will drop from it. To make pastry u will need flour water and 1 egg, To make the Raw pie u will need 4 pastry in a ring shape, put sugar in each of the corners in the crafting screen in the middle place 1 cinamon (get Cinamon the same way as Flour). to make a raw apple pie you will need 1 apple and 1 Raw pie, put the Raw apple pie in the Furnace and u will get Cooked Apple pie! To make mash Potatos u will need 3 potatos and 2 baked Potato. Thats is it for this mod and I will be updating. Soon I will be adding more pies and more meat.

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