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Warning: Idk how to make a proper download, and please don't question the name of the file.


My first mod, so if it's not that big don't judge.


Adds a new ore, titanium, being an in-between of iron and diamond.

Features the common ore pack stuff, including tools, armor, titanium ore (deepslate and stone, will generate between -50 and 30), titanium ingot, raw titanium, titanium block and raw titanium block.


List of stuff besides the common stuff:

-Titanium Shield: A shield that has a lot more durability than the regular shield, crafted with titanium ingots and emeralds (no model)

-Armor with more than one ingredient (Titanium Ingots and Emeralds, does not apply to all armor pieces)

-Smooth Titanium: Less expensive titanium block with building use (can be used for stairs, slabs, and walls)

-Titan's Destroyer: Based off the pickaxe, very expensive but excellent in combat (can one-shot when fully charged with weak or no protection) and has great durability.

-Villager Trades: Armorer and both smiths, titanium-based trades.

-Advancements: Advancements relating to Titanium.


Modification files
titanium stuff.jar - new and hopefully last versionUploaded on: 03/29/2024 - 15:21   File size: 99.58 KB

1.0: Added the mod.

1.0.1: Made titanium more common, added titanium rod, tweaked Titan's Destroyer crafting recipe and look.

This mod isn't meant to be awesome or anything, It's just a small tweak to vanilla minecraft.