Mr.Rainbow The Sheep

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This mod features tons of uses for wool and also a super powerful boss to fight.


Super powerful wool armor and weapon that is much mor powerful than diamond.


The swag Mr.Rainbow sheep boss will kill anything in it's face and crush you like an ant.


If you cant find good uses for wool then this mod is for you.


I will try to update this mod frequently by adding new armor and weapons and even mobs too!


If you have any suggestion for the updates please post them and i will read them.


If you like this mod please share it with all of your friends.


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LIFE 128x (Vers. 81).zip.zipUploaded on: 07/23/2015 - 18:17   File size: 44 KB

salut :)
Bon je te met 5/10 pour l'instant car la rpésentation est trop incomplete pour que je puisse juger :/ c'est dommage
sinon je te conseil soit de faire de la super laine plus rare sois de rendre l'armure de laine moins cheaté sinon la recherche de diams dans minecraft perd son interet (ou alors faire des armure de laine faible mais qui s'enchantes directe quand elles sont crafté ou qui donne des bonus comme effet)