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Welcome to the Tasty mod, by SrslyNo! 




The blob spawns in swamps and the Tasty biome. It has 16 health, and does 5 damage. It will attack players, and will drop jelly, which, sadly, doesn't have any uses yet.


This fierce fast food will attack you at all costs. They have 20 health, and will drop bread when killed. They have a rare chance of dropping burgers.

Burger King:

This powerfull boss wants to drive Mcdonalds out of buisness! He deals a massive 20 damage, and will have 200 health. He will drop the burger hammer upon death, and may drop a nether star. Be carefull- this mob is glitched as of now, I am trying to fix this in a future update.



The burger can be crafted using steak, bread and suger cane in this format:




It gives speed boost and and fill 10 hunger points.

-Getting started-

Firstly, you must mine the tasty ore, which spawns underground. This will give you the tasty gem, which can be used to craft the tasty sword, axe a shovel (Picaxe, hoe and sickle are on the way). Another use for the tasty gem is a tasty block, which can be used to get to the dimension. Simply place the blocks in a nether-portal lke format, and light it with a flaming gem. These are obtain able if you combine a mysterious gem (Which can drop from grass or can be found in dungeons) with blaze powder. Then right-click the portal with it!

This will take you to the tasty dimension, where you will find candy rock, which is exclusive to the dimension. In the dimension, there will be oceans of lemonade, and, in the future, CANDY FLOSS TREES! Also, giants, villages and the Burger king are just some of the mobs which spawn!  If you're lucky enough, you'll find the Tasty biome. The same mobs spawn in the dimension, but you shoud still check it out! The colours of grass and water will make a perfect view from your house!


S= Soon W= Being worked on X= Not confirmed Z= Far future N= Near future U= No ranking

-Lemonade armour, crafted from the ingots. S

-A use for jelly (Bowl of jelly, jelly armour) S

-Jelly block (when right clicked, will give regen) S

-More tools W

-Another biome/ Dimmension?? (Hint: The Burger King will spawn here!) X

-Fixed Burger king W

-Candy floss trees S


-Fruit Juice?? Z

-More food/drink (Fruit and possibly hot chocolate!) Z

-Another Boss??? X

-New achivements (Food fight, getting started and THE REAL KING) W

-A LOT more blocks & items X

-A new secret Weapon? X

-And one more secret feature.... U


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