Mega Master Magic v0.5

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I Dont want to talk so just add epic tools & weapons to destroy your enemys...& more stones & gems & armors & more will be released soon,i represent you guys...the first weapon ! FLAME ROD


Here is the recipe

Flame rod recipe




Oh i forgot to say.....this is the ores you will find while mining


Ores Will you find in mining

the only way to cast its spells is to get some flame essence...flame essence is very very cheap

here is the recipe

recipe of flame essence

Here is the effect of the flame rod



Effect Of Flame Rod


There is another recipe to craft another tool,water rod


Recipe Of Water Rod


& Now Here is the no longer need water bucket :)


Effect of water rod


Heres another weapon..but this time its a melee weapon,the stinger blade...its about a slime pickaxe got hitten by a diamond powered thunder...after that the blade fell into the mighty well of poison.Now the stinger blade deals instant damage,wither & poison...(zombies & skeletons  dont die by using it :P)



Here is the recipe


Recipe Of Stinger Blade

you already know what it lets head to the strongest weapon in v0.5....The Legendary White Grinder


You make it with some white magic here is the recipe of the white stones


recipe of white stones


Here is the recipe of the white grinder (Ammo is any color of dye)


recipe of white grinder


Um well...its effect is very careful with it


effect of white grinder

Well that all you need to know

Please add comment & i hope you guys enjoy the first release of my mod

cya guys ;)


& guys if anyone have a youtube channel..please make mod showcase..but tell me first please :)

you can easily go chat me at ""

or you can send me email at ""

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