Illusion Onslaught

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Illusion Onslaught is a small Magic mod that Overhauls Minecraft, by adding things like: Magic Spells, Mana-system, Cultists and more. This Mod adds New Mage Weapons and makes the Illusioner Mob participate in Vanilla Raids, even new loot and Attacks comes with the Intigration of the Illusioner. 
Explore the World with Magic!


Illusion Onslaught comes with some new Magic Items and Blocks, for example the Elemental Scrolls or the Antique Chronicle, wich is obtained in some new Structures or by Defeating an Illusioner. There is also a new Crafting station called ''The Alchemy Table''. It's needet to Aquire Spell Books. The Alchemy Table uses Scrolls and Spirit Dust to craft Spell Books, Before Crafting, you'll need to have at least 3 Experience Levels. 

New Spell Books with various Different Abilities. These Books have 2 Different Attacks/Abilities, these cost Mana Though. There is a Mana System in the Mod that adds a new Mana Bar alongside the Vanilla Health and Hunger Bars. The Books Mostly Fire Projektiles or Summon Magic things. Spell Books have 5 Classes: Fire, Water. Earth, Air and Spiritual. every Class has 3 Different Spell Books. The only way to Obtain Spell Books, is by crafting them at an Alchemy Table with the Cost of Experience.

The Illusioner isn't hidden in the Game anymore, with new Looks and Attacks, the Illusioner made his way into this Mod. The Illusioner now participates in Raids, wich means the Raids are more Difficult, because even though The Illusioner is fast and has Clones, he can summon ''Spirits'' as Support and they Attack anything that the Illusioner is Targeting. These Spirits will Inflict a new Potion effect called ''Confusion''. This Effect makes the Player 50% slower than normally and it makes you go Randomly in any direction. Spirits can also spawn rarely Natural at Night in some Biomes. By Defeating Spirits you'll get Spirit Dust, and by slaying the Illusioner you can get some Valuable items like Diamonds, Emeralds or the newly added Antique Chronicle wich is used to make Spell Books.

A Counterpart to the Illusioner, the ''Cultoliger'' is a very Hostile Illager, that uses Dark Magic to Summon Mysterious things and attack their Enemies. They rarely wander in groups at Night but they are mostly found in Abandoned Cultruins, there they will try to summon Something into this Realm. As soon as they notice a Player, they will stop and try to Kill you immediately. They can shoot Dark Projektiles wich also give Confusion and Blindess on being Hit. If the Cultoliger is below half their Health, they have a Chance to go into a Shadow State, in that state they are stronger, faster are more resistant to Damage. By Defeating them, they Drop: Ominous Cloth, sometimes Mana Potions and rarely an Occultive Skull wich can be used to craft various Usefull things.

A new Boss ''The Chaosbringer'' comes with this Mod. The Chaosbringer is a Dark Mysterious Creature wich also uses Dark Magic to attack. It has various Attack Patterns and flies very Fast. If this Monster is under Half of it's HP, it will get Enraged and be stronger that before. If Defeated, this Boss drops very Valuable Items, those can then be used to craft various Different and Strong Things. The Only Way to summon it, is to find an Occultive Altar in Different Cult-Ruins and use an Ominous Sacrifice. The Altar can also be crafted and mined with a Chaotic Pickaxe after The Chaosbringer was Defeated once.

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The modpage is amazing and your models are really cooooool