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The addon was created for the Alex's Caves mod, which adds new content to each of the five types of caves. The mod does not create new caves, but improves the existing ones. Thanks to this mod, caves will become more diverse, interesting and provide new opportunities for creativity in the world of Alex's Caves.


"Participant MCreator x CurseForge ModJam 2024"






☢Toxic Caves☢


   Now you can create a nuclear bomb that is 11.5 times more powerful than the standard one, called the Fusion Bomb. It can only be activated with a red stone block, and it is advisable to do so from a distance as its detonation is instantaneous. After the explosion, nothing alive will remain within a radius of 70+ blocks, and a large blue nuclear mushroom will rise into the sky.


-  To create this bomb, you'll need two new materials: improved Blackstone and plutonium, which is created from uranium in Nuclear Furnace Blasting.



🧲Magnetic Caves🧲

Purple Magnet

- Bat. Place the block of pure darkness on the purple magnet and click on the magnet to get power.

- Food. Place the lighthouse on the purple magnet and press the magnet, and you will be powered by the lighthouse's power.

- Irradiation. Place the fusion bomb on the purple magnet and click on it, and everyone within a radius of 50 blocks will be irradiated.

- Time. Place the catalyst on the purple magnet and press it, and you will become a time.

- Teleport. Place the dragon egg on the purple magnet and click on it with the mini purple magnet to set the checkpoint. Teleport from anywhere with the mini magnet.


Magnetic Villager

New dungeons will now be generated in magnetic caves, where you can find one of three types of inhabitants.

 All traders sell their goods for purple magnetic nuggets.Right-click on the merchant with the nugget and he will throw you his goods.


Magnetic Guard


A large spherical seal is now generated in magnetic caves.


Magnet Things

- By clicking the ingot of a purple magnet on an empty magnet, a purple magnet with 5 unique features will appear. And also these features are copied by the trident.

- The red and blue magnets are integrated with the Farmer's Delight mod, adding cool food.

- The purple magnet is a so-called guiding stone that teleports you to the point that is set on the purple magnet.

Void Bomb

A bomb that absorbs about 20,000+ blocks in 10 seconds. Creating a so-called black hole.

- Create it by placing a fusion bomb on a purple magnet and clicking on the fusion bomb with the nether star.


Wake the dragon by placing its egg on the Void Bomb and activate it with a redstone block.

🦎Primordial Caves🦖

Use the egg from the second phase, place it under the block of old amber, and set it on fire from above.

- You can get a block of old amber using pieces of old amber, you can also get it from amber piles, only from those that have already fallen. Or you can craft it from two common amber.

In integration with the Create mod, you can create improved netherite armour, but in addition to better protection, it will also make you a living drill, so wherever you go, nothing will stand in your way. Be careful not to wear it on your base.


🐟Abyssal Chasm🌊

The blood pearl can be bought from the fisherman at the maximum level. For 32 emeralds.

To awaken the dragon for stage two, place a 3-by-3 platform of gold blocks above the water in the Abyssal Chasm biome. Place the cracked egg from the previous stage in the centre. And click the blood pearl on the egg.

In integration with the Farmer's Delight mod: 

- Bioluminesscence Sandwich - Sandwich with Bioluminesscence, nutritional value 10, saturation 0.5.

 - Melting Magnet - It is made of two mini magnets. Nutritional value 20, saturation 5.

 - Amber Delicacy - To get these sweets, you can split an old amber. Nutritional value 7, saturation 0.5.


👽Forlorn Hollows👽
Two blocks of pure darkness can be used to create a rod.

Hit it with the right button, hit it on the egg of stage 3, and enjoy.




If you are interested in the mod and its development or have any ideas, then welcome to the discord server(

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  • Added Stable Thermonuclear Bomb
  • Added Plutonium Rod
  • Added Craft to Stable Thermonuclear Bomb
  • [#86] Fixed Cracked Dragon Egg
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