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This mod adds a new form of magic, with new and unique mechanics, interesting enemies and challenges to fight, including bosses and structures. The new type of magic its not very hard to get but, every rarity and elements brings new Gameplay features that make the player want to have them all.




How to find Monoliths:

In order to get any spell from the mod, you'll need a Monolith, found in Plains from natural generation, later, with Enchanted Amethyst you will be able to craft one Monolith.


Obtain Spells:

With the Monoliths you need to get Amethyst, Books and Sticks, putting these items in their slots one per one will enchant these items, or make the book a Random Spell Book, these spell books can be: Common, Rare or Legendary. Also, u Will need experience bottles as a fuel for the Monolith.


How to link Spells to a Spell Wand:

For this, you need to put the Spell in the Offhand, while holding the Wand in the mainhand, right clicking It, will make the Spell Wand link the used Spell, the book will consume.

Spell List:

  • Poison Ball (Common)
  • Fireball (Common)
  • Debris Launch (Common)
  • High Jump (Common)
  • Electric Charge (Common)
  • Triple Wind Charge (Common)
  • Fire Slash (Common)
  • Stone Pillar (Common)
  • Ender Teleport (Common)
  • Spore Launcher (Common)
  • Iceball (Rare)
  • Self Regeneration (Rare)
  • Wind Dash (Rare)
  • Lightning Charge (Rare)
  • Stone Golem Summon (Rare)
  • Tornadoe (Rare)
  • Poison Beam (Rare)
  • Large Fireball (Rare)
  • Stone Spikes (Rare)
  • Spore Turret (Rare)
  • Stone Wall (Legendary)
  • Evokers Fang (Legendary)
  • Area Regeneration (Legendary)
  • Undead Horde (Master)
  • Dragon Charge (Master)
  • Windy High Jump (Legendary)
  • Meteor (Legendary & Destructive)

For what is used the potion cauldron?:

The potion cauldron can be used for creating instant apply potion, these potions have 0 cooldown and can be used instantly.


What should be used in potion cauldron?:

In the potion cauldron you cannot make all the potions type, but the most important, here the list:

  • Swiftness (Sugar)
  • Leaping (Rabbit's Foot)
  • Strength (Blaze Powder)
  • Healing (Glistering Melon)
  • Regeneration (Ghast Tear)


Mobs and Monsters:


The wizard is an old man equipped with Iron armor and a Spell Wand. The wizard type will depend on what biome It spawns.


Plains, Savanna, Savanna Plateau: Wind Wizards.

Desert, Badlands: Earth Wizard.

Frozen Peaks: Ice Wizard.

Nether Wastes, Crimson Forest: Fire Wizard.


A Big troll similar to a villager. This mob is aggresive towards Iron Golems, Villagers and Players. When dead, his drop can be any golden armor piece, or Trollager Skin.

Trollager Habilities: 

The habilities of the trollager make this entity formidable to fight.


The name says all, It will use this to go towards the player, and attack them.

Stone Launch:

Will Launch a piece of Stone towards the player, making the fight difficult because It will attack at distance and melee.

Trollager Skin Utility:

Can be used in a brewing stand to create Stone Skin Potion, or can be used to create a Trollager Skin Chestplate, this Chestplate its very usefull, because grants Strength constantly to the player.


A big wizard boss, this wizard has a Totem of Undying in his second hand.

His drops are unique, being the Ruby Ring, a ring that grants Regeneration when equipped, a wand or any of the Master Books.

Can be summoned right clicking any wizard with a Totem of Undying.

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