Witch Hunter

Published by Erdmen on Thu, 10/14/2021 - 14:37
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Halloween special mod

Hunt Witches for items

Use items for awesome hunt stuff



Witch Features


Bird Witch:
Weak creature
Always come to you
Spawn everywere
Drop level 1





Attacker Witch:

Melee attack
Spawn everywere
Drop level 1




Cage Witch:
Impirison you in a cage
Stay away this mob from your house and chests
Spawn everywere
Drop level 1




Ghost Witch:
Flying creature
Spawn cursed biome
Drop level 1






Lightning Witch:
Lightning attack
Heal himself hit by lightning
Spawn mountains biomes
Drop level 2 and Death pendant







Ice witch:
Flying on broom
Create ice storm area
Give all nearly creatures slow effect
Every mobs take 1 drown damage in ice storm (not effect not drowning mobs)
If weather rainy/snowy raise 3 drown damage
Spawn snowy biomes
Loot level 2 and Vortex pendant








S witch:
Summon level 1 witches
Attacks create web
Spawn scarlet biome
Drop level 2 and Breave pendant









Cute witch:
Flying on broom
Have high health
Summon witch
Give all nearly creatures regenerations

Spawn jungle and swamp
Drop level 2 and Star pendant







İtems Features


Cursed berry: Found in cursed tree in cursed and crimson biomes. you can take out essence in owen


Magical Essence: Powerful drink

Wind shuriken: Throw to mobs. All mobs take damage contact this shuriken. You can remote control this shruken in air. Shuriken goes in the direction you look. shuriken falls down in random time or fly very away. You can take back if you find on ground. you can ride shuriken

Witch destroyer potion: throw this pot create lightning area. This area pulls towards itself all witch (not queen). damage all mobs in area and sometimes summon lightning

Bracelets: If you have 4 different brace take hand one and right click on air. Summon powerful witch with rich drop


Stay away from level 2 witches spawning biomes if you start new

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