Fu Dao

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Sperm and blood
Some of the necessary materials for seal cutting can be taken out by right-clicking yourself with the blood taking knife. It should be noted that the blood taking knife will cause 19 damage to yourself.

Black dog blood
Some of the necessary materials for seal script are obtained by killing black dogs that look like cattle (after all, black dogs, which need special points). Black dogs will take the initiative to attack zombies.

God beast blood
The necessary materials for synthesizing high-grade seal characters can only be found in tombs, which are very rare.

Only in the jungle, as long as you find the jungle, there are definitely a lot of tombs waiting for you. Some of the tombs may have failed and some are still well preserved. There is a small amount of mercury in the tombs, which will cause a drop of blood of 10 drops per second.

Huang Fu
The most basic blank sign paper is used to make seal characters.

A lightning conductor
It can be divided into three categories: every category, heaven category and fairy category. Each category is more powerful than the other. It is better for fairy category to lead Lei Fu away from home. Once used, it will hurt the enemy and hurt yourself.

Golden Light Curse
Golden light protects my body and evil spirits do not invade!  It is divided into every kind of product, celestial goods and celestial goods, each of which is more effective than the other.

Identity symbol
It is divided into all kinds of goods, celestial goods and celestial goods. The higher the grade, the longer the setting time.

Rain praying symbol
Stop raining when it rains, and let the world rain when it does not.

Change the day sign another day
Night changes day, day changes night.

Blood storm symbol
After use, no matter how much blood volume and satiety, it is directly reduced to half a heart, three squares of satiety, and gains strength of 255.15 seconds.

Purifying symbol
Remove all potions from your body

Fire symbol
It is divided into all kinds of goods, celestial goods and celestial goods. The higher the grade, the longer the burning time, and the maximum burning time is 10,000 seconds.

Fire extinguisher
Extinguish the flames on one's body

Night vision
Night vision, auxiliary paper of great use in survival mode

Bigu character
Instant recovery of all satiety, low cost, and extremely useful for survival.

After use, the speed is 255.15 seconds, which is specially used for running and escaping (note under jio)

Flying symbol
After use, unless you die, even if the effect disappears, you can still fly, making it expensive.

Blood returning symbol
Divided into all kinds of products, heavenly products, celestial products and celestial products, the blood returning symbol of celestial products will remove all liquid medicine effects on the body after being used, instantly restore 20 drops of blood, instantly restore 20 satiety points, and obtain 255 to 50 seconds of life recovery

Project status
In development
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Modification files
Fu Dao-2.0.0.jar - Fu Dao-2.0.0867.66 KB
Fu Dao-1.0.1.jar - Fu Dao-1.0.1161.31 KB
Fu Dao-1.0.0.jar - Fu Dao-1.0.0160.75 KB
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Fu Dao-0.0.1: test version, only a few items

Fu Dao-1.0.0: The first official version adds three achievements: mercury (mercury), lightning charm, body setting charm, golden light charm, black dog blood, essence blood, blood taking knife, divine beast blood clot, and divine beast blood.

Fu Dao-1.0.1: fixed the BUG that did not consume the identifier.

Fu Dao-2.0.0: added tomb relics (generated on the 10th floor of the jungle terrain) flying symbols, blood returning symbols, and blood storm symbols.  Fire sign, another day sign, rain praying sign, night vision sign, Bigu sign, fire fighting sign and running sign