Not Enough Potions

Published by _Rewe on Fri, 09/23/2022 - 20:14
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The Not Enough Potions mod adds many new potions and related stuff.


I don't explain the new potions here, but you can get an ingame guide with the command /potionguide if you have the advancement "Into Fire".



I was always annoyed by the fact that tipped arrows are an endgame item in java edition. The mod fixes that by adding a gui to the relative useless vanilla fletching table.

You can craft tipped arrows by adding at least 8 arrows in the first slot and a normal potion in the second slot. All vanilla and modded potions are supported, as long as they use the default potion item. Even custom NBT-tags (CustomPotionEffects, CustomPotionColor) are supported. The vanilla tipped arrow recipe in the crafting table is disabled with this mod.

Additionally, potions, splash potions and lingering potions can be dyed with all available vanilla colors. This can be disabled with a game rule.



Ferocity is a new magic stat added by the mod. Every point of ferocity adds a 1% chance to deal double damage (The multiplier is applied after other damage-increasing multipliers like sharpness, crit...) and a 0.1% chance to insta-kill the target. It works on melee and ranged attacks. Ferocity is displayed above the hotbar if you have any

Increasing Ferocity

Ferocity can be increased by the following ways:

  • If you reached the advancement "Local Brewery" you get one point for every 10 full xp levels. (Capped at Level 500/50 Ferocity)
  • The new enchantment Vicious gives 1 Point for every level (applicable to melee weapons, max level 5)
  • The Ferocity potion gives 10 Ferocity per level (It cannot be brewed at the moment)


The mod is at the moment in beta status. There are already some WIP things (Sulphur, Unused effect...)

New things that will be added soon:

  1. Even more potions/effects
  2. Better ingame guide
  3. A new addition to the beacon system
  4. maybe better mod description


Known Bugs:

  • Death messages are not properly used when killed by Ferocity extra damage, Ferocity instakill ability or entity with the archery effect.

This mod requires the guidebook mod! (any 1.18.2 version)

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