Unicorn MOD Final update !

Published by Dreeperte on Mon, 04/16/2018 - 15:52
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Hey if you love unicorn and berry farming this mod is for you ! can you beat the Imperial boss?

soon i'm going to make a video for this mod (in French sry) 

for the craft download NEI pls :3

---ALL THE ITEMS -----

-Heart-->Heal your self with it!

-Imperia Summoner-->Summon the Imperia boss 

-UniBrick-->Craft Unicorn Block


-Unicorn Block

-Unicorn Brick


-Corruption Block


-SunshineCore (Used in the 3x3 furnace)


-Minium -->Obtained by minium Bush (craft)

-Sunshine -->Obtained by Sunshine Bush (you can found this one by mining)

-Berry-->Food that can be obtained by a CornBush (craft)

-Imperium-->Obtained by imperium Bush (The most complicated bush to craft)


-The corn plant that can only be plant on fertilized dirt (use Unicorn seed and not Corn)


-Sunshine Armor-->Gives you a lot of potion effect (Diamond armor is better)

-Minium Armor (Diamond armor is better)

-Imperium Armor -->Better than diamonds !

-Minium Pick -->Faster than a  diamond pickaxe


-ImperiumSword-->VERY POWERFULL

-Solaris-->The most powerfull sword

-UniGun-->Shoot imperium to kill enemies! 


-UberFurnace-->Used to smelt sunshine nuggets

-Grow up-->Used to transform woodicorn into  HappyCorn

-HappyCorn-->You can harvest heart from this block

-AutoCraftingTable-->Craft automatically Unicorn block

-UniCornOven --> a 3x3 furnace --> thats consume 1 corn and produce 1 unicorn block (for the build pls check my channel --> Dreeperte Gaming)

PS: /!\ for make the UniOven work you must have to face it at the north face

-Chiseler --> Transform your smeleted corn into chiseled CornBrick




-CorruptedBiome-->Very dangerous

---NEW MOB---

-Unicorn-->You can ride them YEY

-Dark Unicorn-->WARNING

---NEW BOSS---

-Imperia --> can you beat him ? (it's a very very very hard boss)

For more information --> https://youtu.be/vo9onnLaq4I   (I will do a video for the update)




Modification files

UniMod 2.0 

-Added Unicorn Oven

-Added Unicorn Seed

-Added fertilized Dirt

-Added Chiseler

-Added chiseled Bricks

-Added SunshineCore






Hey ! I made another tutorial for my mod --> https://youtu.be/vo9onnLaq4I