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My first mod, I haven't really tested everything, probably  buggy but should run okay.

Adds a hammer, ore that smelts into a gem, a sword, and a pickaxe. If you really want to mess around there is a messed up test entity that moves unnessasarily fast and does a moderately high amount of damage. 




description should be sorter than 350 characters since i really didn't put that much. also if you listen closely to the test mob has the wrong sound files.

I'm still trying to pad-out this description. let's see... oh yeah the ore doesn't go below y 20 and goes up to y 60. 

MY GOODNESS, i can't make up enough stuff to reach the character limit

Modification files
Hammery shinanigins.jarUploaded on: 05/25/2024 - 00:47   File size: 2.3 MB