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This mod called "Adventurers Lost in Time: Sunlight Zombie" adds Zombies that get stronger under Sunlight. It also adds Lore, potions, weapons, and structures that revolve around the Sunlight Zombie and ancient humans.


Mod Lore Description: Humanity has perished, and all that remains are ancient buildings and Zombies that get stronger under sunlight.


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Main Features:


1. The Sunlight Zombie Mob:


As Described previously, they are hostile zombies that spawn at night, that get stronger and faster under exposure to sunlight. Any mob they encounter with even a hint of Human DNA in their flesh (e.g. players, villagers, zombies, etc.), will be mercilessly attacked and killed by them.


You will encounter trouble if you let any Sunlight Zombie attack normal zombies (even zombie villagers) as there is a chance of them converting the normal zombie into a Sunlight Zombie. If you leave them until the next day, the entire zone will be filled with Sunlight Zombies and it would be almost too difficult to deal with them after sunrise.



2. Ancient Structures and Lore:


Ancient Buildings like abandoned libraries contain valuable loot and fragments or full pieces of writings (either books or newspapers) that give you some understanding of what happened to Humanity and the rest of the world thousands of years ago. You could also find ancient research books that explain how Sunlight Zombies work in detail written by ancient scientists. 


Villagers sell some of the ancient books that are found in these structures. However, there is one special ancient book written by villagers thousands of years after the apocalypse called "The Prophecy" book. It prophesizes the return of one of the ancient humans with higher strength and the ability to reincarnate (respawn) when killed.



3. Sunlight Potions, Anti-Sunlight Potions, Saturated Rotten Flesh:


You could use rotten flesh and blood extracted from mobs with an inherited portion of Human DNA to make saturated rotten flesh which is a potent version of rotten flesh (stronger hunger effect) when consumed. You could use that item to make Sunlight Potions which grant the player Sunlight Power, which gives speed, strength, and resistance under sunlight (The same as sunlight zombies). Also, there's an instant potion called Anti-Sunlight, which forcefully attempts to remove the Sunlight Potion effect from whatever mob it hits, which is not that useful except that trying to splash a Sunlight Zombie with this, will not remove the sunlight effect because it's bound to the mob, but instead, it will harm it from attempting to remove its sunlight power and would almost kill it. (If not under sunlight, it would die immediately from anti-sunlight)



4. Ultra Z Boss Mob, Pure Sunlight Energy


When a Sunlight Zombie gets struck by lightning, they power up and turn into their final form of "Ultra Z". The Ultra Z is a Boss mob that has the same abilities and weaknesses as Sunlight Zombies. These are still much more powerful and faster than the Sunlight Zombies. When they die, they drop pure Sunlight energy used to craft some items and to summon another boss mob.


5. Ancient Sunlight Being, Stone of Sunlight


If you used the pure Sunlight Energy on the Powered Lightning Rod, it would summon the "Ancient Sunlight Being" which can convert any nearby Zombie into a Sunlight Zombie. Also, it acts as a source of Sunlight, so it burns any undead mobs and activates any mobs' or players' Sunlight Power Effect. Killing it drops the Stone of Sunlight, which can be used to craft a Sun Lamp Block, which also acts as a source of sunlight. Killing the Ancient Sunlight Being will kill all Sunlight Zombies and Ultra-Zs within a large radius.



6. Ranged Weaponry, Flame Pistol, Ancient Loot, UV Helmet:


When encountering those ancient structures from before, you could find ancient loot like rusted iron or fossilized tools, which can be used to restore them to their original states. The Flintlock trigger is used to make various weaponry like the flame pistol, Auto-Bow, or TNT Launcher. You could also use the trigger to craft a Powered Lightning Rod, which is used to summon lightning when powered by Redstone and supplied with glowing amethyst. Whenever you drink Sunlight Potion you get Sunlight Power which is great under sunlight, but not when it's nighttime, so you could use pure sunlight energy obtained from killing an Ultra Z boss to make a UV Helmet which activates your Sunlight Potion effect when worn without needing to be under the sun.



7. Smaller Additions/features:

  • UV Lens is used to burn undead creatures who are in the shade if the player is under sunlight. (Can be used to make UV Helmets)
  • Sun Lamp is used as a source of sunlight which burns nearby undead mobs and activates the Sunlight Power Potion effect.
  • Chickens slowly drop feathers over time. (added for arrows)
  • Gunpowder recipe.
  • Saddle Recipe.
  • Gravel to Flint Recipe.
  • Eating Saturated Rotten Flesh gives both Nausea and Hunger.
  • Cleric Villagers sell empty syringes.
  • Pure Sunlight Energy can be right-clicked on Sunlight Zombies to convert them into Ultra Z boss mob.
  • Wool to String Recipe.




Questions & Answers:


Q1) Does this support versions 1.16.5 / 1.12.2?

A1) No, it doesn't. The mod uses items like Amethysts in recipes which won't be possible to downgrade below 1.17.


Q2) When is the Fabric version?

A2) I'm sorry little one... (translation: no.)


Q3) Can I use it in a modpack?

A3) Sure, why not? It's free advertising.


Q4) Can I upload a let's play video on this mod?

A4) Sure, why not? It's free advertising. (2.0)


Q5) Where can I report bugs?

A5) For now, leave it in the comments.


Q6) Will there be updates?

A6) V1.1.0 might be the last major update as I am going to work on the next mod which includes most of this mod's features.


Q7) What is the best strategy for dealing with Sunlight Zombies?

A7) Sleep as soon as you can or if it's too late then lead those zombies into a place with no sunlight and fight them.


Q8) What game mode should I play first?

A8) Play survival first, don't play hardcore first as it won't fit the story.


Q9) How do I craft XX item/block?

A9) Either discover them yourself or download a mod like "JustEnoughItems".


Q10) What does ALIT stand for?

A10) "Adventurers Lost in Time". The next big mod I am making would be in the same timeline as this mod in terms of lore, so ALIT just unifies them. The next big mod would be called "ALIT: Magitech".


Q11) How are you?

A11)  Bread 👍

Modification files
ALIT-SunlightZombie-1.18.2-1.1.4.jar - Latest 1.18.2 Version (1.1.4)Uploaded on: 07/12/2023 - 16:31   File size: 1.31 MB
ALIT-SunlightZombie-1.19.2-1.1.5.jar - Latest 1.19.2 Version (1.1.5)Uploaded on: 08/21/2023 - 15:13   File size: 1.33 MB

Update V1.1.5



  • Armor and equipment now stay on zombies when turning into a Sunlight Zombie.


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Sun Lamp burns Skeleton Horses.

Great excecution, great ideas, love the fact that zombies can survive in the day now.

I really do like this mod and its concept, but it does go off a little of its track when it gets to stuff like new weapons/armor and the UV Boss. Maybe instead of sunlight zombies as the main title, just rename it to “Sunlight Additions” or something along that. Really like the mod overall though 👍