Quality Equipment

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Quality Equipment introduces the reforging station into the game, which allows for granting qualities to all your equipment, all of which amplify various attributes.

To reforge your tools, you will need a reforging station, In which you will combine equipment with Its repair item. If a repair item does not exist for the equipment, It will use the default material set in the config. Repair items can be overriden and equipment without repair items can have items defined in the config aswell.

Tool qualities

Bow/Crossbow qualities

Armor qualities

Shield qualities

All qualities are fully customizable in the mod's config. Attributes can be tweaked, added or removed, qualities can be renamed, removed, and completely custom ones can be created.

Modification files
quality_equipment-1.6-forge_neoforge-1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 07/11/2024 - 19:19   File size: 136.26 KB

version 1.6

-Fixed armor qualities granting the same attributes not working together properly

(Delete your config for the changes to apply)


version 1.5

-Changed reforge chance comment in the config to display the correct max value of the variable
-Fixed tetra bows, crossbows and shields being incorrectly reforged with tool reforges


version 1.4

-Made the reach distance modifier compatible with better combat

-Made tetra items compatible with qualities

-Fixed worthless quality removing 0.1 reach instead of 1 (delete config or update it yourself)


version 1.3

-Added new attribute: jump height

-Added the missing springy quality

-Armor qualities can now be restricted to a specific or multiple armor pieces, each with varying modifiers.

-Restricted certain armor qualities to their respective armor pieces

-Fixed masterful quality modifiers being the same for all armor pieces

-Fixed tall quality granting 1.5 step height instead of 0.5

(Note that for the quality adjustments to apply, you will need to delete your existing config file)


version 1.2

-All qualities are now fully configurable

-New qualities can now be created by adding them to the config

-Fixed the config resetting every time the game was launched

-Fixed tags being added to unrelated items when auto reforge was enabled

-Fixed dig speed and projectile damage attributes not working with negative values

-Fixed unrelated modifiers from other mods being listed under the quality description

Uhh question did you post this mod on curseforge or nah


Man, this is awesome. I'm a fan of both minecraft and terraria and this is goblin mechanics. You're good.

This is a great mod but similar mods have been made many times. It's not very original