Kronite Mod v1.3.2

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Wow More Tools, Items, Weapons, Ores To Bring more to your Minecraft.

Ok so you  Got Full Diamond Armour,tools and weapons, You killed the Enderdragon and Wither so now what?

Get a New Goal Search deep down and find Kronite!

Its Better Then Diamond Have Fun With The Kronite Staff Turning Things Into Lava.

Knock out creepers with your Re Enforced Kronite Sword




Version 1.3.2 

-Infected Pig Glitch Fixed

Version 1.3.1

-Biome Bug Fixed

Version 1.3

-Lots Of Items Re-Textured

-Lots Of Items Renamed

-Lots Of Bug Fixes

-Added Re-Enforced Kronite Sword

Version 1.2

-Bug Fix

-Added Kronite Orb (Right Click To Use)

-Added Kronite Dimension

-Bug Fix

-Added Packed Kronite

-Added Mob Infected Pig

-Glitch Fix (Leaves)

-Changed Kronite Leaves Texture

Version 1.1

-Added Kronite Grass

-Added Kronite Leaves

-Added Kronite Warrior (Hostile Mob)

-Added Kronite Biome

Version 1.0

-Added Kronite Ore

-Added Kronite Gem

-Added Kronite Sword

-Added Kronite Pickaxe

-Added Kronite Axe

-Added Kronite Shovel

-Added Kronite Staff (Right Click To Use)

-Added Kronite Block

-Added Kronite Armour

-Added Kronite Dust


Keep Looking out for more updates! And Dont Forget to leave a comment and a rating! 

It Helps A lot!

Don't be afraid to pitch some ideas about what to add next.

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