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Redev is a vanilla-based mod aiming to expand removed, unused, mentioned, and exclusive features from all versions of Minecraft back into modernity! Formerly lost to the Mojang Ideas Library™️, items, blocks, mobs, and other concepts that should've, could've, and would've been added are reiterated upon in a fresh state!

This includes...

     Mob Votes!

     Biome Votes!

     Minecraft Dungeons!

     Minecraft Legends!

     Removed features!

     Unused features!

     Mentioned features!

     Suggested features!

     And more?

All additions & changelog can be found here! - The ReDev Document

Modification files
redev_3.5_1.20.1.jarUploaded on: 07/06/2024 - 06:55   File size: 16.59 MB